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To my Han Yu

by ganmacouple

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Hello 我的老婆 I just wanted to write a message for you. Since you are leaving Seoul, I wanted to write something special for you because Seoul is the place we met (Actually it's in Jeju im stupid..). I will never forget this place. BUT anyway lets go back to our fairy tale two months ago.

To be honest, I didnt know i will fall in love with someone in a foreign country.

La la lal la la

Once upon a time, a fat boy (me) decided to go to Jeju with his close friends. He is not really friendly so didnt want a big group. But his friend ask another friend who ask another friend to come (YOU). At first, I talked to you because i was forced to do it.. haha since i was the one who organized the trip. The way you talk was so childlish and using too many emotions. In my head, i thought i would never like a girl like you.

When my ugly eyes looked at your direction for the first time, it was like only 5 seconds but looks like 1 hour for me. I was so surprised by you. I mean everything. Your fashion, your hairstyle, your eyes, your lips, your voice and even the way you walk. I was so shy that I didnt really talk to you and just left to ask where can i rend a car and only talk to Dongyi.

Then you sat next to me in the car, I was uneasy and i didnt want to look at you for too long. But you were really friendly so I decided to open myself and talk. I even did a video (you look not ugly I know you will say this).

Slowly I become interested in your personality, you were so cheerful, joyful, happy. You made the mood better since Mavis is shy. Everytime I try to walk around you and Emilie, but didnt want to be too obvious. Then I still remember the first time we were only two. You took your shower, i was the last one. But i didnt want to take it because i wanted to talk to you. YOu were skypeing your best friend I think. We also talk a little bit but i dont remember.


How I first really say this girl is so pretty was in the teddy bear museum. Since there were not many people, i could walk next to you and take many pictures of you. Also when we climb the big teddy bear it was so funny. I saw your butt by accident (really) and i liked it hehe.


So this is how i began to like you. But every fantastic girl must have a boyfriend. So i didnt want to be disappointed and just stop connect you. However, I was bored studying and start texting you. I was surprised that you always answer fast, not like others, so we could talk about random things for hours. I always wanted to meet you, it started to become like a drug. The more i see you the more i found something good about you. Your eyes have something that catch my attention all the time. Maybe your eye smile is what i was looking for all these years. They are so magic so they can make me smile anytime even if i'm sad.


B like Beautiful

E like Extraordinary

T like Tang

H like Hero

A like Amazing

N like Nasty

Y like You


Couple days

When we start dating, I was so stressed that you won't like me (and thats true you just like me a little) even if i like you a lot. I tried to have many topics to discuss to not make it awkward. Slowly we become closer but then Hong kong kept me away from you. I was thankful you keep texting me when i was there. I bought many simcard recharge to talk with you.

After HK, when you came to the airport (late) i decided i will do my best for you. Try to always make you happy. Then you were really insecure about us because of everyone talking about me. I understand, if i think like you maybe i wont like myself. But if a machine exist to prove you how much i love you then i will buy it immediately.

Loosing you as a girlfriend and only be able to see you as a friend was impossible for me. It's like burning my eyes, kicking me, and I could only have fake smile. When we went talk by kakao i already gave up because you were so decided to break up. Eddy told me :

" If deeply in your heart, you know she is the one, just go for her, don't regret bro"

"But she really doesnt care about me now. How can I do it ?"

"Just show your real feeling, prove her that she is the only one you want"

OK so when we went to myungdong, I use all my cute face to make you like me again. And after few hours I succeded in the cinema. So happy that i wanted to scream.



Couple days part II


We began to act like a real couple and our interaction were so natural. Sometimes you could just understand what i want without talking i was so surprised. Sometimes you could know what im thinking about. Our communication become so good better than 4G. I only think about Japan how it will be. And yes indeed it was better than I expected, better than any dream i could think of.

In Japan, I realize that I could have a long term relationship with you. Living with someone even for a short period, can tell you many things. And i was not disappointed. Good manners, clean, pretty without make up, interesting girl before sleeping. Woah i won the jackpot !

Any boring and raining place become a beautiful romantic place.

If i had money i would have spent 3 or 4 days there but i knew we would meet everyday in Seoul.

Busan was even better thanks to the weather and the beach at night it was really warmful.

My baby when i see you sleep, i feel like a dad looking at his child, being so proud. I dont want to wake up you but I want to see you talk, and make me laugh.




Now I always try something new so you wont get bored with me. My most fear is to see you change your heart but if one day it happens I will accept it. I will just kill myself with putting something in my eyes.

Just kidding. Or not. Or yes.

I hope our futur is still really long, its only the beginning. I hope one day i will tell my grandson and granddaughter my biggest love story (better than Twilight). They will have to listen to it for hours.

I will say to them : Bethany she is :

I know when I compliment her, she won't believe me

And it's so, it's so sad to think that she doesn't see what I see

When I see her face, there's not a thing that I would change because she just perfect the way she is.

When She smile, I smile, and the whole world stops.


Her lips, her lips, I could kiss them all day if she would let me

Her laugh her laugh, she hates but I think it's so sexy

She's so beautiful

And I tell her everyday



So now, even if everyday im jealous about Lailai or the korean guy or taiwanese boys, I really trust you, and i want to believe in you. I know you are not this kind of girl. I really respect how you think. You are independent woman but I think you need hug sometimes and thats why i was created for and designed for (big arms and tall).

To be continued...

By Quentin T.


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