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The Responsibilities of a Computer Hardware Service Tech

by bradmitchell

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A computer tech in NJ that focuses on hardware is responsible for the physical installation, maintenance and repair of a variety of computer systems. His side of the business refers to hardware, the physical components that go into making a computer. These components consist of hard drives, monitors, cabling and the various circuit boards needed. The responsibilities of a computer hardware technician start with the initial installation of the computer hardware and other devices that are part of the larger system, these devices include such peripherals as printers and scanners. Once all the components have been installed successfully the technician continues to work with the equipment, ensuring that it runs properly and if necessary, the tech will make the necessary repairs.

The primary responsibility of a computer tech in NJis to see that the initial installation and set up is done correctly. This can be rather complex as there are custom computer installations that require full assembly of the motherboard, the processor, RAM, the hard drives and many other components which are required to set up a fully integrated network. There may be the need for the hardware tech to install some software but to install the software that is required at this stage there is no need for the hardware tech to have an in-depth understanding of software. As the networked system continues to grow and expand, the hardware tech will be responsible to see the new equipment is fully integrated.

Once the system has reached this point where it is up and running successfully, the hardware tech turns his attention to maintenance. If hardware needs cleaning or if maintenance software needs to run periodically, it will be the hardware tech that does this. The software will be very simple and straightforward, there is no need for the hardware tech to create software or to run unique security or diagnostic software; this is the responsibility of his counterpart, the software tech.

Should the system need repairs of any sort, the computer tech in NJ will make them. In the past it was necessary to actually deal with failed hardware but with today’s technology it usually means that a failed component is removed and replaced with a new component.

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