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Who does not like a clean and hygienic window pane? Also, it is definitely a treat to see yourself in a spotless mirror. People invest in a large number of cleaning cloths so as to acquire that perfect glow and finish on their glass surfaces. These glass surfaces may include the window panes, the mirrors, the glass table tops, show pieces as well as other similar surfaces. It is often noticed that glass surfaces acquire a layer of dust and thread like particles on their surface. These are hard to remove with any ordinary cleaning cloth. Moreover, a trail of spots and marks are often left by these cloths. This definitely looks very unhygienic. Glass surfaces are one of those areas which get dusty very frequently. So obviously there is need to take proper care of such sensitive surfaces in our houses.

Micro fibre glass cloth is the ideal product for getting rid of dust and other minute particles from the surface of your mirror/ window. After washing your glass surfaces with a mild cleanser, simply take one of these cloths and wipe the extra water as well as remaining dust particles from the surface of the glass. These cloths will definitely leave no trail of marks or spots on your glass surfaces. These are more ideal for windows. Also, these cloths are suitable for both machine wash as well as hand wash. You can either simply rinse them using water or just put them into the washing machine. Both ways, you will get your clean cloth back. An advantage of investing in this micro fibre glass cloth is that they are highly sustainable and can be reused over and over again. A single cloth can be used for several months on a stretch.

Apart from this, another useful cleaning product is a dish cloth. These cloths are ideal for cleaning your dishes as well as all kinds of kitchen surfaces. If you often get tired of seeing huge piles of dishes in your sink, then it is the most ideal product for you. There is no need to worry as now you can clean up the entire lot with the help of these especially designed cloths. These are designed according to your need and you get the additional benefit of having squeaky clean, bacteria free dishware in your kitchen, which are definitely safe to reuse again and again. We are aware of the fact that most of the diseases these days start with unhygienic eating habits. Dirty dishes are also a common reason as the bacteria present on the dishes enters out system every time we use them. Using a good quality dish cloth certainly reduces the risks. These cloths have high flexibility as well as absorption power. They can soak water and other particles very easily. Apart from this, the durability of these cloths is also a major advantage. Simply wash them after every use and you can use the same cloth for a very long time.

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