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Fact and myth surrounding herbal green tea for weight loss

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Reducing weight has always been a problematic situation for people all over the world. Herbal green tea for weight loss is an easy solution to this predicament. This does not mean that green tea is magical assortment that will make your fat disappear overnight. Natural and homemade remedies have taken a priority for curing every disease, there’s even a natural lice treatment that is more effective than painful and acidic treatments. Natural lice treatments include methods like:       

  • Applying coconut, castor oil and tea tree oils is a natural lice treatment that can even rid your scalp off microscopic nits. It blocks the respiration of lice and ultimately suffocates them to death.


  • Covering your head with alcohol and vinegar is another effective natural lice treatment. They break the outer shell of louse and nits and helps to clear them from entering your head. However you must not wander near fire when you have applied this solution on your head because alcohol is a flammable liquid.


  • Smothering your hair with petroleum jelly can help you remove lice effectively. Vaseline is a natural lice treatment that needs to be left on your head for a few hours for removing lice.

Natural lice treatment and drinking herbal green tea for reducing weight has been a practiced way of keeping Asians fit and in control of their body. Obesity can cause a lot of health issues that might make your life a living hell. Going to the gym is an expensive business that only cures you of body fat till you continue with their services. The minute you cease to go to the gym the clutches of obesity will come haunting back to grip you. Herbal green tea for weight loss is an affordable way to reduce that heavy bulge. You don’t need to invest extra hours to drink tea you can drink it while you continue with your work.

Most people prefer homeopathic cures because they don’t cause any side effects. Drinking herbal green tea for weight loss is also a homeopathic remedy to curing obesity. However people misunderstand it to be a complete solution to extra weight. Facts and myths surrounding this notion will become clearer by the reading the following aspects:

  • It puts a halt to absorption of fat; this does not mean that if you keep eating obsessively and complain about not losing weight. Only you are at fault in this situation.


  • Revokes hunger pangs from consuming your brain. When you have green tea you tend to feel full and satisfied. That is not to say that you will lose your appetite forever you will eventually feel hungry.


Intake of this liquid will make you burn your fat faster because it raises your energy and metabolism. Some people think that this will make them weak and they will not be able to exercise. There is no proof for this myth that people claim is logically justified. Just because a dog is an animal does not syndicate that every animal is a dog in the same manner drinking green tea does not make you weak and lethargic.

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