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How to Care for Ultrasound Therapy Machines for Home Use

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Using ultrasound therapy designed for personal use, away from your doctor or chiropractor’s office, is safe and easy. For the best results in using ultrasound therapy machines for home use, refer to the user’s manual that came with your specific ultrasound therapy unit. Here are some tips on how to properly use these units.

After connecting the power cord/AC adapter, make sure to apply plenty of ultrasound gel to the desired area that you wish to treat. This gel is necessary for conducting ultrasonic waves deep into the skin and into the affected tissues. Without this gel, the ultrasound head is unable to effectively transfer the sound waves into the body. You cannot use just any gel: Conductive gel is hyper-ionic, which means that this gel is specifically formulated for ultrasound wave transference. In fact, studies show that 0% of the ultrasound waves are transferred into the body without the use of conductive gel, while ultrasound gel can transmit more than 80% of the ultrasound waves. Not using ultrasound gel with your device will, most likely, void the device’s warranty and possibly damage the sound head of the unit. You can avoid a mild burn or skin irritation by using conductive gel.

Once you have applied the gel to the area of your body that needs ultrasound treatment, you can turn on the machine. Place the ultrasound head on the skin and move it over the target area slowly. Use linear strokes or circular motions, moving at about the rate of 1 inch per second. Keep the treatment head moving and do not hold it over one particular area. Move it carefully over boney protrusions or any other areas that are particularly sore.

For safety purposes, your unit may power off after ten or fifteen minutes of use. Of course, you can always turn it off sooner, if need be. But once the power is off, do not restart the unit for another thirty minutes. After use, clean the conductive gel off your skin with soap and water. Remove the gel from the treatment head of the unit, too, and disinfect it with antiseptic wipes. Like any other electrical appliance, never immerse the treatment head in water.

Ultrasound therapymachines for home use are easy to use and when cared for properly, will give you years of pain-free living. To find more information about portable ultrasound therapy units, visit EZUltrasound website at

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