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Make an informed decision with obesity surgery

by swethar

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Make an informed decision with obesity surgery

The growing problem of obesity is posing a serious threat to the social balance. Obesity can lead to a number of other health problems such as – heart disease, diabetes type II, depression, arthritis etc., which in turn increases the cost of health care in the society. Obesity, therefore, must be treated to restore the well being of the patient.

Obesity is a state of being overweight when your BMI reaches over 30. However, being overweight isn’t same as being obese always. A person is obese when his body accumulates excess fat. Lifestyle is one factor to blame for obesity. Often it is your eating and drinking habits that lead to gain the excess mass. However, obesity can also be genetic. Whatever the reason, obesity must be treated without delay.

Obesity can be treated medically. Some people however prefer the alternative therapeutic methods over drugs. But, when obesity reaches to a certain level and increases chances for other serious health problems in the patient obesity surgery is performed to offer immediate solution.

Obesity surgeries in India are performed for both cosmetic and medical purposes and there are several types of surgeries offered. If you are considering obesity surgery, consult with your doctor to decide about the right method of surgery for you.

Gastric banding                                                                       

Gastric banding is one form of bariatric surgeries where an adjustable band is inserted in the body and placed around the stomach to reduce its size to regulate the food intake capacity of the patient. It is currently the most popular weight loss surgery since there are little side-effects. The patient suffers less pain and can return to normal life within 3 weeks of the surgery. Moreover, this operation is easier to reverse, i.e. the size of the stomach can be restored to its initial size if required. It is, therefore, often called adjustable gastric banding surgery.

Most doctors now prefer the laparoscopic method to perform the surgery as it causes minimum blood loss and takes less time to heal. Patients also suffer minimum side-effects. Around six minute incisions are made in the patient’s body during the surgery through which the band is inserted.

The most common post surgery grievance that patients make after gastric banding surgery is nausea, which may result from adjusting to the tightness of the band and is expected to go away eventually. 

Gastric banding can help one lose about 40% of his excess weight. Its popularity can only be rivaled by gastric bypass surgery, which is more permanent in nature. Gastric banding doesn’t interfere with your food absorption. It only alters the size of your stomach. As a result, complaint regarding vitamin deficiency after gastric banding surgery is less common.

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