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The Legacy of the Roman Empire - A Short Guide for Tourists

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The Roman Empire may have been the greatest ancient civilization. Though the empire ended more than 1,500 years ago, many of its innovations still remain relevant in today’s world. The legacy of the Roman Empire is one of the main reasons so many tourists flock to Rome. Tourists who stay in Italy,Rome apartment rentals will truly understand the greatness of the Roman Empire once they learn about the innovations of the early Romans. They can see even more of the city by extending their budget when they choose to stay in rental apartments instead of hotels. Rentalapartments in Rome provide comfortable and affordable accommodations to tourists visiting the city so that they may fully appreciate all the city has to offer.


For starters, the ancient Roman Empire was the first to publish newspapers. The earliest newspapers were written on stone or metal and posted in areas that people frequented, like the Roman Forum. The earliest newspaper was called “ActaDiurna” or “Daily Acts” that detailed legal, military and civil issues. The newspaper was believed to have been first made public in 131 B.C. and usually included details like victories in wars, gladiatorial bouts, birth and death notices and even human interest stories.


The early Romans were also responsible for introducing the concept of social welfare. As early as 122 B.C., the Roman government supplied grains to its people This form of social welfare continued and evolved into programs that fed, clothed and educated poor children. They also provided foods like bread, pork, and wine to the needy.


Additionally, the Roman Empire was the first to build roads and highways. At its peak, the Roman Empire’s reach encompassed nearly 17 million square miles and even reached southern Europe. The only way for the Romans to establish their domain was to build a sophisticated road system that has withstood the test of time. The Romans were able to build more than 50,000 miles of road until its fall. Even more astonishing, the Romans were able to create a network of post houses along these highways so that they can easily relay intelligence and messages at amazing speeds.


The modern calendar originated from the Romans. The modern Gregorian calendar that we use today is modeled very closely to the Roman version that was created nearly 2,000 years ago.


These are just some of the many innovations of the Roman Empire that are still in use in today’s world. Tourists staying in Italy, Rome apartment rentals specifically, will be in awe of these amazing innovations of the early Romans. Apartments in Rome, Italy provide tourists a more practical alternative to hotels. For more information about Rome apartments, be sure to visit Rome Address at

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