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Steps to Avoid Security Lapses in Enterprise

by innomobileapps

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Security is necessary for running a successful enterprise. Enterprises are in need of adapting security policies because of variable changes in mobile technologies. Enterprises accepts that implementing mobile necessitate for a strategic outlook. Every organization that accepts employee's devices for work, understands the importance of implementing security strategy for the corporate data. Due to the increased usage of personal mobile devices for work has increased mobile malware when compared to the year 2010. Recent study shows that nearly 51% of companies have realized the data loss due to lack of security lapses on mobile devices. Reduce the security risks while accessing the data from corporate network is the main objective of enterprises. They are in real need of implementing security strategies for secured environment. Identifying the risk management strategy is complicated for an enterprise. Every enterprise should concentrate on four areas of mobile security.

Bring your own device has become a comfortable feature for enterprise. Smartphone and tablets are highly penetrating for several enterprises. It is necessary for every organization, should implement a security policy in order to maintain the employee's mobile devices within the corporate network. Before implementing BYOD policies within the organization, they need to increase the visibility and have the control over the mobile devices.

Applications are the main intermediate for delivering solutions to employees, customers and clients. Apps facilitate the users with full featured functionalities and it should satisfy the customers demand. Majority of the enterprises are developing the mobile applications on their own or some may purchase the app from other vendors. Security policies need to be integrated and evaluated in every stage of software development lifecycle. App developers should have awareness about the security policies. Several tools and procedures are available to aid the developers to get practices on security standards. Enterprises have to facilitate the security standards over the applications it develops.

Mobile devices must authorize the employees to access the enterprise data whenever they want. It allows them to access more information from the enterprises frequently even if it contains some data on the device. Enterprise must launch the secure connectivity channels and have to handle risks that are related to user authorization and authentication. It is essential for the organization to prevent unauthorized access from the outside of the corporate network. It is responsible for each organization to educate the employees to access only the white listed application and this will reduce the risk of unwanted malware threats. Enterprise must provide privacy for the employees those who are using their mobile devices for work. They are not allowed to access the private data of the employees. Each organization should provide a solution to wipe off the data related to the firm from the device remotely when it is lost or stolen. This activity will prevent the data stealing from other users.

Mobile device creates a revolution among the users by providing them flexibility and freedom at work as well as personally. Organization should gather related information in order to identify the risk and take necessary actions to avoid it.

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