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Public Washroom Hand Dryers

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Hand dryers are more affordable than they use electricity to dry in the hands of the public toilets, as opposed to paper towels. The dispenser napkin often require compensation may be made from time to time, require additional administrative costs traditions napkins, sales, and manually check whether the stock. Hand dryer solves all the limitations of paper towel. Do not require testing, filling or destruction. Utility costs are the cost of electricity supply.

Types of Hand Dryers

There are several types of hand dryers. Manual hand dryer is the oldest type of drier. Dryers are activated by pressing the button on the device. The engine produces hot air, then the amount of time in order to become the person drying his hands. If it is not dry by the end of term, you can press the button again to the same period of time. These devices are generally considered unhealthy because they require by pressing the device to activate the heat.

Automatic hand dryers on the other side every time someone puts his hand under the machine to dry them. The device is a laser detector, which detects when the hands are placed and triggers the release of hot air. Some of the automatic release of heat in a given period of time, while the newer models to stop the heat-releasing, when a person drying their hands to remove his hands under the appliance.

Architects to questions of construction companies to provide the goods or services in the form of the offer. This means in practice is that companies compete to win contracts to construction companies to exercise their goods or services in the construction business.

Hair Blow jet is the latest development equipment dryer. Equipment for the first time, Mitsubishi Electric in 1993, and served as the freedom of the high pressure air jets above and under the arms. The air is hot and, therefore, contrary to the evaporation of water from your hands, spray dryer forces the water out of hand.

These machines are more efficient because it does not require heating of the air is said to be 98% more efficient than conventional automatic hand drying.

Conflicts Hygiene

Hand dryers is known as economies of scale and the fact that it is environmentally friendly. However, hand dryers said, would have to be better than microbes from one user to another. Experiments were carried out in two University of Ottawa and the University of Westminster in London showed that the drying was less healthy than a towel dispenser. The results showed that the bacteria users hands rose to nearly 200% by using the device.

This showed that indeed the hair to spread germs from one user to another. Various experiments also showed that the blowing hair jet germs for up to 2 meters away from the device and blow hot air dryer bacteria ¼ meters away from the machine. Towel dispensers on the other hand to reduce the bacteria in your hands after drying and transfer germs from one user to another.



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