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Is A Breast Lift Right For You?

by gregore

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Many women in Houston who are considering a breast lift procedure wonder if it is the type of surgery they really need. This type of procedure is specific in what it does. It will definitely transform your appearance. A plastic surgeon can re-contour and reshape your breasts, improving your profile and figure in general.


Numerous women can benefit from the procedure. There are several reasons why women elect to have breast lift surgery. Below are a few of the primary reasons:


• Sagging breasts – breasts that are droopy or hang lower than you would like for them to


• Lack of firmness – if the tissue has lost elasticity, or has been stretched due to weight gain and loss, or pregnancy and breastfeeding


• Reposition the nipples – if you are not happy with the position of your nipples, if they point down, etc., the surgeon can reposition them


• Differences in the size of the breasts


There are explanations why breasts end up sagging. Aging is a factor. Over time, our skin and tissue becomes less elastic, and when it is stretched out of shape it doesn’t revert to normal. Significant weight loss can impact the breasts and leave them droopy. Hereditary traits are a factor, as well. Your surgeon will take into account why you have issues, and make recommendations for the proper surgical outcome.


If you are a good candidate for the procedure, you will end up with perky, firm breasts. They may even be an improvement over your original look and shape. Raising the breasts for a more firm visual appeal requires the reduction of surplus skin. Your surgeon will lift the whole breast, rearranging the general curve and repositioning the areolas and nipples. As soon as the proper contour is realized, surplus skin is taken off from underneath the breasts, and the skin that is left is sculpted and contoured. A larger size may be achieved with the use of implants during the lift procedure. The entire breast lift surgery should only take two to four hours.


If you would like to find out about whether a breast lift procedure is right for you, contact Memorial Plastic Surgery. We are a Plastic, Cosmetic, & Reconstruction Center serving Houston and the surrounding areas. Our lead surgeon, Dr. Patrick Hsu, is a board certified Houston breast lift surgeon with a great deal of proficiency with this surgery. We enjoy a very high patient satisfaction ratio. Our goal is to help our patients achieve the look that they desire. Our state of the art facility is designed with patient comfort in mind. We know that cosmetic surgery is a personal decision, and we will help you with your choice, and the expectations that you have. Let us schedule an appointment for you with Dr. Hsu, and you can find out if a lift is right for you.

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