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A Vibrator Is A Woman’s Best Friend

by adultmart

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A female vibrator is a sex toy used by women for pleasuring and relaxing themselves. For the sexually unfulfilled women these days, there are a wide variety of options available. But the most commonly purchased item is the vibrator.


Today they are available in various online sex shop and adult novelty stores. They have become so common that they are being openly discussed on daytime talk shows like The View. The vibrator was first invented in France during 1734. But the first electric vibrator was invented in 1902 by the American company Hamilton Beach making it the fifth domestic appliance to be electrified. During the 1980’s, vibrators have been sold quietly in sex shops and later online, arriving in unmarked packages. They were rarely discussed other than in late night girl talk. But they became increasingly popular during the late 1998 after the popular TV show episode Sex and the City showed one of its characters become addicted to a rabbit vibrator. But now one can find them advertised on MTV and boldly displayed in even some drug stores. A film named “Hysteria” released in 2012, tells the story of the vibrators invention in the late 19th century.



There are various types of vibrators available in the market. Some vibrators can be used as adult toys as well as body massagers. Business is booming for the sex toy industry. Some reports suggest that the erotic accessory is right up there with smart phones when it comes to sales volume. Both men and women have become increasing comfortable with electronic toys in the bedroom.


Most of the vibrators for women run on batteries while some use power cords. They need to be properly cleaned in order to stop bacterial growth to prevent infections. They fall into different categories: Dildo shaped, Clitoral, Waterproof, Rabbit, G-spot, Egg, Alarm clock, Pocket rocket, undercover vibrators, anal vibrators, Butterfly, Vibrating cock-ring, Dual area vibrators, Triple area vibrators and Multispeed Vibrators. All these vibrators are different from one other in some way or the other.


There are some legal and ethical issues related to the use of sex toys. In some countries like India the sale and possession of vibrators is illegal. Some people feel embarrassed to let others know about their use. Hence most people tend to buy them discretely.  But these are the cases in only in some countries, mainly the south Asian countries. But the female vibrator is used widely and a recent report in ‘The Journal of Sexual Medicine’ suggests that 53% of women in America own a vibrator and 70% of the rest have used a vibrator at some point in their lives. It also states that about 46% of men in the United States have used a vibrator. Vibrators are also being recommended by sex therapist to women who find it difficult to reach orgasm through masturbation or intercourse. Now days there are vibrators made for couples, which both men and women can use during intercourse. To some extent it might not be wrong to say that a vibrator is a women’s best friend.


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