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Dealing with the Stress of Bankruptcy

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Bankruptcy can not always be avoided. It can be really mortifying and traumatic because you may be forced to seek the help of people you don’t know to fix your financial status and get your credit back on track. The best way to deal with the stress of filing bankruptcy is to hire a Oceanside bankruptcy attorney.

Your chosen bankruptcy attorney in the Vista, CA area will be able to legally and legitimately advise you on the process of filing for a petition. Furthermore, depending on the kind of employment that you have at the moment, as well as the amount and type of debts that you owe creditors, you may be entitled to a specific type of bankruptcy. Knowing which type to file will benefit you because a payment schedule will be tailored to your capacity to pay.

The most common types of bankruptcy for individuals are Chapters 7 and 13. Chapter 7 allows you to relinquish all your assets in payment for a portion of your debts. On the other hand, Chapter 13 allows you to pay using a repayment scheme that will not be too burdensome for you by lengthening the term of your debt or spreading the interest rates, so you will be able to afford monthly payments. This type of bankruptcy is best for those who have regular monthly incomes.

If you live in Carlsbad or San Marcos, CA areas the Sexton Law Firm has personal bankruptcy lawyers close by which will help you properly devise a payment plan according to the law, list all of your assets and liabilities and assist you in attending meetings and confirmation hearings. You want to get your petition and payment plan approved earlier, so you can already start paying for your debts more easily.

If your circumstances don’t allow for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, an attorney will be able to help you in the process of filing for a Chapter 7 instead and liquidating your assets to settle some of your financial obligations.

Ask relatives and friends for recommendations of a good Oceanside lawyer and likely you will hear positive things about our firm, The James Sexton Law Firm. We are not only a reputable law firm to handle your bankruptcy case, we also take pride in customer service and educating our clients on why we take the steps we do in their cases and what can be done in the future to escape issues of financial despair.

Know all of the requirements needed to get you back on track in paying your debt and eventually, we will help you redeem yourself with your creditors. Bankruptcy can be easily dealt with if you seek the right kind of people to assist you in the process. Experience, credibility and efficiency are very important factors that you should be looking for in someone who should represent you at court.

At The James Sexton Law Firm, we will help to file your bankruptcy, will negotiate with creditors, help to consolidate debt and protect your assets, while arranging a viable payment plan to get you back on track. Call us today for a free consultation

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