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About towing of the truck

by advinrosa

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The tow trucks are one of the parts of our economy.

Tow trucks are the vehicles, which are used to tow the damaged vehicles from a particular place to the destination. These are also termed as wreckers. This is an emergency service that is of great importance in this period of heavy vehicle flow all over the places. Without the efficient service of the tow trucks, this flow of vehicles will not be continued. Most of the tow truck towing san Francisco services, run by the private enterprises, are in a perfect position to provide the repair services to the customers and these services have become the internal part of the economy. In some areas like toll stations, where the vehicle breakdown may result in the occurrence of the bottlenecks, the government road authorities have taken their own tow truck fleet in order to service the high ways.

There are many types of the tow trucks which are in operation today. Hook and chain truck is the most basic truck which is still in use in the third world countries. By using the boom winch, and the chains, the broken down car is lifted by the axle. Axle cradling tow truck has come from this concept only. This tow truck lifts the front end of the disabled or damaged vehicle into the air in order to make the towing easy. This Axle cradling tow truck has a single unit yoke. The mechanism of the lifting the vehicle is pneumatically or hydraulically operated. This is the easiest way of towing and is used mostly in the control of traffic.

For towing of long distances, flat beds are useful. This is because the total accommodation for the disabled vehicle is provided by the flat beds. In this flat bed, a flat metal surface is provided which is lowered to the ground. By this, the broken down vehicle is driven if possible or drawn on to the back of the truck, by using a winch.

Also various combinations of the tow trucks are available from which you have to select one by analyzing your needs wisely. In the olden days, the hooked tow trucks are used. But along with the days, and the improving technology day by day, the types and the services of the tow truck company also improved. The business of the tow trucks is very profitable if you take care of the tow trucks and hire the drivers who are experienced in this field.

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