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Key Factors for Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaning Equipment

by AlexBlaway83

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Finding the right carpet cleaning equipment for a business can be a tough task. Knowing what key factors to look for and selecting a professional sheet metal manufacturing company are steps in the right direction. It's not unusual for a sheet metal manufacturing company to offer its own carpet cleaning equipment in addition to other products like precision sheet metal for radiant panels.

Key Factors for Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Complete systems should have control panels for temperature, speed and a dual speed setting for carpet or upholstery. For energy efficiency, it's important to have the electronic controls that offer consistent RPM. This will reduce fuel consumption and increase performance by 30 percent. There are also products on the market to rev up cleaning efficient with coolant technology that delivers high heat. Space is also a consideration. With a compact design, there will be plenty of left over space in the truck for hose reel accessories and fresh water tanks. Having the right safety features in carpet cleaning equipment will keep the equipment safe while working. Important safety features include security hose ports, park break sensor, waste tank full shutdown and high temperature shutdown. Lastly, it's important to have a good warranty.

The Benefits of Using a Sheet Metal Manufacturing Company

Key advantages to using a sheet metal manufacturing company for carpet cleaning equipment include technical support, in-house design, on-site design and fabrication, the latest in heat management technology and expert testing before delivery. Exchangers are tested in accordance with professional standards. Adding to these benefits, prices are typically competitive.

Options and Accessories for Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Dual waste tank upgrades are ideal for increasing capacity and drainage. High quality tank upgrades are constructed of stainless steel, hold more gallons and have domed bottoms to maximize drainage. Industrial strength vacuum hoses with cuffs are available in 50 foot lengths. Solution hoses offer lengths up to 150 feet and quick disconnects. Carpet kits for the interior of the truck ensure organization, heat retention and reduction of noise. For night jobs, recessed exterior lights come in handy. With fluted lens, light illuminates everywhere for easy viewing. A hose reel is always needed for the hose and should be rugged in a strong material like stainless steel. These reels can be constructed with a manual left or right turn handle.

Carpet cleaning professionals can also purchase heaters, pressure regulators and polished wheels for their trucks. Portable radiator heaters are ideal for working during the colder seasons. They provide heat while the equipment is operating. Dual pressure regulators save fuel, time and ramp up productivity up to 30 percent.

Investing in good carpet cleaning equipment is always a sizable cost. However, with the right equipment, recouping the upfront costs usually doesn't take that long. Good equipment will also increase profits quicker on a regular basis. The job gets done better. Both business and residential customers will be pleased with the results and increase business with referrals to friends, business associates and family members.



Professional cleaners can purchase carpet cleaning equipment from a sheet metal manufacturing company.


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