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How to Get that Money for your Summer Activities

by stellalewis101

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Heads up, people! It's finally summer! This is the time for colorful balloons in sandy beaches. This is the time for ice drops and ice cream, hotdogs and cotton candies in summer fairs. If you are a teenager, a high school student maybe, the society kind of expects to be useful during the summer--get a summer job or something. Even if you do not think that way (because your parents pretty much lets you do want you want to do), I'm sure you will still need the money to sustain your food and shopping urges--given that your parents are not obliged to give you school money in this time of year.

Your inadequacy at this time of your life gives you a really small window of opportunity to get money. It is either you get a job or find something else to fund your summer fun. However, if you are the kind of kid who finds getting a job and maintaining one over the course of the summer stressful and too time-consuming, then you really don't have to. If you can't bear working during the summer, maybe you can bear to part with a few of your precious belongings.

I wish you could see me winking right now. Instead of working, perhaps you can cut your possessions (clothes, shoes, bags,) in half and sell them in a garage sale or something. And if that is not enough, perhaps you can include some of your parents' old stuff as well. You can even bat a few lashes (or flash that cute smile if you are a guy) and convince them to sell that old car sitting in your garage for the longest time. You know that there car shops that pay cash for junk cars. Some of them even give as much as five hundred dollars for a junk car, depending on the car's condition of course.

Imagine how much money you can make from all that pile of second-hand goods! It helps more if you have great taste in fashion apparel and such. You know, because if you do then your garage sale will be very popular among your age group. Who knows? Maybe in just a few days you will have the money you need to fund your summer activities or getaway. Is this not the best arrangement? You may still not get this now, but you will get good money from this.

Now, can you imagine how cool your summer is going to be like? You will not only enjoy every minute of it, you will also have a few extra cash. And the great thing is you don't even have to work to get all that. Well, a little bit of course, since you will have to sell all the stuff you have collected first before coming up with the money. But hey! If you ask me, I would prefer that to working tirelessly inside a fast food restaurant and still not get enough for my labors. Believe me. If you have the circumstances to get this option, grab it. It can be a whole lot worse.

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