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Yumasoft Services (Final – part 4)

by YumaSoft

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We have already shared with you different kinds of services, that Yumasoft offers. They are software development life-cycle services, web and mobile solutions. This article will illustrate the last type of solution, which Yumasoft Inc. delivers.


Today we would like to tell you about our business automation software solutions. Yumasoft Inc. offers complex custom business solutions based on the deep analysis of the work-processes and systems of the company. Every company in general faces with the same workflows and operations during the work processes. We distinguished the following modules, basing on them we develop our software business solutions:  

Human Resources Management

HR systems help you manage your staff effectively, control staff flows, plan your work on it and just save time working with the software solution.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM system is a Customer Relationship Management system, which helps you automate your activities with clients and track all negotiation processes. In several cases you get a scheduler in addition to CRM system to manage your appointments, communications and events properly.

Project and Goal Management

Business applications, which offer project management functionality – team work, team management, tasks distribution, chat, track systems help you all in all to generate your team work effectively, plan it, manage all components of the work and control the results.

Financial Management

Usually financial management functionality is offered in addition to other functionalities – such as proposal creation, for example with automotive calculation of budget and terms or other main functionalities. The purpose of every organization is to get profit, so money saving and properly calculation is one of the main activities of every enterprise.

Document management

It is quite clear that business solution of this kind offers great opportunities to work with documents such as: Invoicing software solutions, Contract automation software solutions and more. In most cases you may create an invoice right in the system and directly send it to your client right via the system used.

     Facilities management

These kinds of processes are very important too, because they improve several work processes at the same time. Using business solutions of this type you have an opportunity to work more effectively by combining technical staff, tools and processes with each other to ensure that your IT project is always up and running.

Every company may find out a solution, which will be suitable exactly for it. It is important to understand that implementing a software solution will cost money and other costs, but finally you will get more benefits with time savings, money savings and convenience.

If you are interested in developing any kind of solution – web, mobile, business or life-cycle services, feel free to contact us via the website or any other social media channels – Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, Spiceworks, Twitter, Google+.