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Taste the yummy Beef on Weck Buffalo at Buffalo Pubs

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If you feel hungry and do not want to go to big restaurant and also want something different from the regular street hamburgers and hotdogs then why not try the yummy the Beef on Weck Buffalo alongwith your favourite drinks at Buffalo Pubs.


Beef on Weck Buffalo are very popular all over America. The recipe was created in Buffalo. Well, we do not get much to know about the origin as from where these yummy Beef sandwiches came from but there is a common belief across Buffalo that William Wahr, a German baker, who emigrate from the Black Forest region of Germany, was the first to create Kummelweck roll while staying in Buffalo, New York. A local pub owner used these rolls to make the Beef On Weck, with the thought that the Kosher salty top of the roll would make his patrons purchase more drinks. Since then these sandwiches have gained immense popularity all over United States.


Beef on Weck Buffalo which brings water to everybody’ mouth are actually a variety of yummy steak sandwiches made out of roasted Beef . The Beef is used as patty between the Kummelweck roll, a hard roll crusted with kosher salt and caraway seeds, that makes it more delicious with that distinctive taste. These rolls (sometimes pronounced ‘kimmelweck’ or ‘kümmelweck’) has a topping of Kosher salt and Caraway fruits. Kümmel is the German word for caraway, and weck means "roll" in the south-western German language. However, the kind of roll that American pubs use to make these sandwiches are much more softer and fluffier as compared the standard  German Kümmelbrötchen or Kümmelweck. The meat on the sandwich is traditionally served rare, thin cut, with the top bun getting a dip au jus. These sandwiches are served with horseradish, a dill pickle spear, and French fries.


Buffalo Pubs  are very popular among the locals since they not only serve liquor but also have made their mark in the world of foods.  These pubs are the place where you can sit and enjoy these  Beef on Weck Buffalo. As stated above the idea to create or invent these rolls was to find more customers to the pub since those who ate sandwiches would ask for drinks too and this would keep the pub business going. These pubs which are often attached to the restaurants offer the finest wines and other hard drinks. The range of bottled beers includes Meantime Wheat and Meteor pilsner from France; pitchers of house-designed cocktails and jugs of sangria. Apart from that these restaurants also offer various other foods.

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