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How to Decide on Your Wedding Reception Seating Plan

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Having a good seating plan for your wedding reception will help you avoid any confusion at dinner time. Devise you plan by creating a seating chart. Aim to make your guests feel special by seating them with friends or relatives. Read on for more tips on how to decide on the best seating plan for your reception.

Whether you are planning to have a three-course sit-down meal served at your wedding reception or a buffet, you are going to need a good seating plan. The best way to go about this is to organize a seating chart, showing where each guest is going to sit. This will ensure there is no confusion at the dinner table on your big day.

Making Your Guests Feel Special

When guests feel you have considered their wishes, they will feel special. If you already know that certain people get on well socially, plan to sit these guests together. When everyone feels at ease, it will be easy to get into the party mood.

Seating Tradition

There are several different options for organizing a traditional seating plan for your reception. This will largely depend on how the reception area is laid out. A popular layout involves seating the happy couple together in the centre of a large rectangular table. Bridesmaids and attendants are seated on either side of the bride and groom. Sometimes a round table is used as the head table.  In this case the basic principle is the same. When there is a large wedding party, multiple tables will be used. In some instances, the partners or dates of the bridal party may be more comfortable sitting with their close friends or relatives. Other guests are going to be happier sitting with their dates. Aim to adjust your approach by considering individual preferences.

Parents and Families

Depending on the layout of your reception space, you may wish to seat both sets of parents and their close families at two separate tables. These are placed on either side of the head table. Alternatively, you can seat both sets of parents at one large table. As long as you know that people are going to be comfortable sitting together, there is no need to be too fastidious. Adapt your seating chart to suit the reception tables you have to work with.

Place Cards and Numbering

Most guests find it welcoming to be ushered to their seat. This usually enhances the anticipation of the fine meal to come. Having place cards with each guest’s name adds to this warm, inviting experience.

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