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Crown Capital Eco Management: Illegal Bottle Redemptions

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I-Team: Illegal Bottle Redemptions Costing State Millions

ATTLEBORO (CBS)- It was a memorable episode of “Seinfeld”. Kramer and Newman filled a truck with bottles and cans in New York and went on a road trip to Michigan.

They were dreaming of getting rich by redeeming those beverage containers for 10 cents apiece when they had only paid five cents a piece in New York.

The problem is that fiction has become reality in Massachusetts. Honest taxpayers are losing millions of dollars each year in these types of fraudulent returns

The I-Team found there is little stopping out of state residents from scamming the system. In fact our cameras captured video of trucks with Rhode Island plates filled to the brim with empties. We watched as vehicle after vehicle like this came into a redemption center in Attleboro to make redemptions. We saw one man wheeling in heavy barrels while wearing protective gloves.

While Massachusetts has a five-cent deposit for soda and beer containers, neither Rhode Island nor New Hampshire has a bottle bill. READ FULL ARTICLE AT BOSTON.CBSLOCAL.COM

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