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Description of biztalk server jobs

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Microsoft Biztalk server is an integration platform that facilitates interaction and collaboration between   enterprise application suits across data centers and in cloud. It unites enterprise application integration and business-to-business integration. Microsoft Biztalk or simply Biztalk is widely used by enterprises in payment processing, supply chain maagement, B2B communication, real-time decision making and reporting. Over 12,000 companies are using Biztalk to improve their business management; among which over 81% is Fortune Global 100 companies.

Biztalk solutions are available to both legacy applications and applications hosted in cloud environment. As enterprise cloud has become a popular solution for hosting data and applications Microsoft has made all the advanced integration solutions of Biztalk available on Windows Azure Public Cloud in its latest release. All these have created a serious demand for Biztalk server administrators and operation support executives in the market.  

If you’re interested in Biztalk solutions, then you must know that there are several job profiles available as Biztalk server professional, which are as follows:

BizTalk Server Administrator: Biztalk server jobs include maintaining and administrating Biztalk server performance and backup. The administrator will be responsible for managing server environment and uptime, creating new BizTalk groups, adding new Biztalk servers to support scaling, managing loads across server platforms, debugging application error, deploying and updating Biztalk solutions etc. He is also need to ensure that the server setup is meeting expectations regularly.

Operation support: The operation support executives offer support solutions to help management adjust to Biztalk environment. Their services are normally extended to:

  • Support new service solutions
  • Support new technologies
  • Support new systems
  • Application support
  • Hardware support
  • Change management
  • Configuration management
  • Release management

As a Biztalk server expert you will be responsible for administering data backup health in your server. You will essentially be working closely with the teams accessing and storing data in the server.  A major part of your job will involve modeling or designing data base in compliance with the Biztalk server architecture.

A Biztalk server administrator is essentially a tech graduate. He or she must possess some excellent technical skills in database management with years of experience to slip into the profile. In addition to this, Biztalk server jobs require you to be specially trained on the server environment so that you can implement, integrate and administer Biztalk server in in-house or cloud environment.

Good interpersonal communicational skill is a prerequisite as you may often find yourself closely working with non-technical teams and should be able to explain the nitty-gritty in layman’s terms.

However, if you are more interested in developing and building, then you may find STG jobs more appealing. System and Technology professionals are engaged in building cutting-edge technologies in Parallel Computing, Grid Computing, Virtualization, Linux/Kernel development, Firmware and Internet Technologies etc. 

For both the above profiles, you would need to undergo some special training programs and certification along with your technical degree.

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