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Package Design Basics: Choosing the Face of Your Product

by sharondahead

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An attractive package design is the face of your product. It expresses uniqueness and an identity that will distinguish you from your competitors, enabling your customers to recognise you instantly. Determining how products will be represented in a package isn't simple. Hiring a professional graphic designer can help you in all the design stages: from conception, to production, and printing. To help you understand how it's done, here are some design pointers.

Graphic Design Basics

In packaging, the basic elements you want present are your logo, name, type of business, and product information. Other elements include colours, photos, text, illustrations, and texture. Graphic design is a perfect mix of form and function; it is highly technical, yet involves a lot of creativity. Balancing the design is a priority as too many elements could negatively affect your package's appearance. The pattern should be easy on the eyes, so uncomplicated photos, illustrations, and descriptions are preferred.


There are three types of colours you need to consider for your package: the primary, secondary and complementary. The primary is the base colour, and is usually the most dominant hue in the design. The secondary could be neutral colours or shades that are quite near the primary, and are used to highlight the features of the design. In the colour wheel, the pair of hues that are directly opposite each other are called complementary colours. They create contrast, allowing one to stand out in the presence of the other, in effect complementing each other.


The package design layout reflects how the designer will be placing and balancing all the elements in your packaging before it is printed. In layout, the artist chooses a focal point and can work from there, creating a symmetrical, asymmetrical, or radial design. There should be enough white balance to keep the layout from overcrowding, but not too much as it could affect the flow of the eyes as well.


An appealing package design will help advertise your product. It will become the face of your product, which customers and potential buyers will often see or look for. If you need to learn more about graphic designing and advertising before working with a professional designer, visit the following sites: and for your information and guidance.

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