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IPhone Application Development: What Works and What Won’t

by anonymous

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IPhone application development has been nothing less than a revolution in technology. It’s not that it is THE biggest thing in our world but applications have played a tremendous role in how we see our lives. From finding ways to favourite restaurants and from learning guitar to a new language, applications are used for almost everything. Apple has certainly transferred an influential power in our hands.

Now that a number of people have earned their futures with iPhone application development, people want to replicate that. However, things have changed drastically in the last year or so. Therefore, it would be informative to do a round off of what works and what doesn’t.

1. Responsiveness

This is one of the most important things and yes it would work in all times. The app has to be efficiently responsive to even slightest of touches. All Apple devices are sensitive to all kinds of touches but if your app lacks that feature then there will be excuse for it. You should ideally test the app on different devices and compare the results with some of the popular apps in the market. If things aren’t that good, go back and work on it.

2. Colours and icons

While it is true that people used to love filled up screens, things are changing pretty quickly. A lot of people might disagree but the future of apps lies in simple design. Today, iPhone application development is all about the aesthetical value of the design and if you lack there, no one is going to bother about the functionality. The icons and colours have to be stunning but not too cluttered. People want their apps to be simple and easy to navigate. A professional designer would be able to help in this direction.

3. Home option

Al lot of recent apps forget to include the home button. Believe it or not, this little step can help you a lot. Users love to come back at homepage to look for other interesting things and if they have to press back several times, it really pisses them off. Have a look at any of the successful application in the recent times and you will notice the difference.

4. Trial version

Are you planning to launch just the aped version of application? Unless there is a legacy behind your application, chances are that no one will purchase it. Android market has really dug into the free market and now iPhone application development is on the same tracks. Obviously you want to generate money out of it so a better idea would be to launch a trial version with limited features. Users will get to know the application more and this way you also increase the chances of converting them to paid customers.

In the meantime, you can also run some ads on trial version to generate revenue. This would keep the app going and help you get some money in from trial version download too.

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