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Quality Process Assessment - How to Improve Software Quality

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Did you know that defects in your software can originate from your sales and marketing team?

I guess you probably had a hunch they did .... But do you also know how to prevent and remove defects originating from your sales and marketing department?

At XBOSoft we take a broader view of software quality that incorporates all stages of the software's life cycle, from the initial idea of the application to the customer services reps handling incoming calls from your users.

And we have created a methodology to systematically and continuously increase the quality of the software throughout its life cycle: Quality Process Assessment.

October 25 we held a webinar in which we explain how XBOSoft's Quality
Process Assessment (QPA) can help prevent defects throughout a software products' entire life cycle.

This includes phases such as:

Sales & Marketing-Product/Project Sponsor (intra-Company software)
Product Management (Requirements)
Quality Assurance
Customer Service/Tech Support

In this webinar consultants from XBOSoft will share with you their firsthand experiences and you will learn:

Arguments for the importance of software quality and the costs of (no) quality
How to define software quality
How to use this understanding of SW quality to improve in different stages of its life cycle
Best practices and small fixes to get results fast

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