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Quick cleaning tips for busy mothers

by swethar

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The new generation moms don’t want to spend their entire day dusting and sweeping. With career, kids and family to manage they already have their hands full to take exclusive care of the household. So, they need smart and quick tips that will make their homes squeaky clean in no time. Keeping the demands of busy moms in mind here are some easy home cleaning tips.

Make a schedule: Time management is very important for busy moms. If you have young kids at home you can be sure of having to deal with a lot of mess. Making a to-do list will help you manage all your tasks efficiently. You can see where you can fit cleaning tasks in your routine.

Involve kids: Turn housecleaning chore into a fun event – involve your kids. Though working is more peaceful when the little ones are not around but if you can’t find free time, involving your kids to help you around will make things easier.  Children love to do small things around the household. Ask them to move things around while you’re vacuuming.

Get smart tools: There are many labour saving smart cleaning tools now available in the market for multi-tasking moms. Get yourself a few of those tools that will help you in doing your job in less time such as – all purpose cleaning solvent, mineral spirit, sanding paper, magic mop and magic mop refill, scouring pads, wipes, microfiber floor mops and brushes, etc. These will make your tasks easier.

Multi-task: Try to optimize your time by doing more than one job at a time, like - cleaning the sink while brushing your teeth or arranging the kitchen cabinet when your soup cooks on its own. Cleaning can be a daunting task but by managing to do more than a job at a time will help reducing the stress. Whether you are a stay home mom or a career woman multi-tasking is an acquired skill that can help you go a long way. 

One-at-a-time approach: Do not tax yourself; also don’t set very high standard for yourself. Making a list of the cleaning tasks that you intend to do in the day will help. Creating realistic goals will make the job easier to deal with. Instead of trying to do the task all at once, break it in several small tasks and take care of one at a day. Sparing some time everyday on cleaning will make the job easier.

Hire professionals: If all else fails and you can’t manage time for cleaning then hiring professional solution is the best thing to do. Swallow your pride and accept the fact. At times the cleaning job can be a real challenge. The teams of professionals are trained and skilled to take care of stubborn stains and spots and will help you get a squeaky clean house.   

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