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Dau Go Cave the largest cave in Halong Bay

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Between the clouds water garden beautiful Halong, a cave called extremely rustic folk: Wood top. Hang Dau Go is located on the island, this ancient island called Mono Island. Dai Nam Nhat Thong Chi Books marked "Mono Mount extensively back island can accommodate several thousand people, including close pairs than chickens, cats Hon, Hon La ..." The reason is called Dau, according to ancient legend has it that in the war against the Mongol army, Tran Hung Dao was to prepare many ironwood stakes here to plug into the bed of the Bach Dang River, there are many pieces of wood left so the top is called Wood.

From the far side looking back, hang with blue door of a jellyfish, through our 90 stone steps to the door. If the Thien Cung boast spectacular, the leading modern majesty Wood taciturn but also very bulky. Gone Meivelle de Monde (Wonders of the World) published in France in 1938 specializing in tourism introduction to the world famous scenic spots have dubbed the Grotto Dau Go Cave des meivellis.

This grotto is divided into three main compartments. Prevent outer shaped arches filled with natural light, ceiling hang a painting "oil painting" giant, which draw unspoiled natural scenery, such as the elephants are going feeding, the deer star bewildered, dim lions sleep ... with vivid posture. Below is a turtle swimming among water tank immense forests stalagmites, stalactites many colors with many strange forms, depending on the rich imagination of every person. Standing under the arch hang it feels like standing in the middle of an ancient castle, with massive architecture and grandeur. The middle of the cave is a giant pillars of the sky, dozens of people holding not overwhelming, from the foot of the column on the hand of the sculptor created the image of a washed clouds, dragon book, phoenix dance , flowers, vines ... On top of the column, I suddenly encountered a monk wearing dark robes, hand built cane rod in from the chant, recite. Too short 1st, the 2nd stop by a narrow crack in the door. Here the light fades, the new picture is up glitter mystery. The inflorescences at the time hidden stone, the image has had strange familiar, ... just make people scared just curious. Bottom of the cave is a freshwater well in the first four clear seasons, filled with water all year round. Suddenly we looked up at the top in the dim light, we identify four walls around the neck, which is taking place on an exotic melee, the elephant roar, people and horses crowded, sword teachers grow bristling, all are in the heady position and suddenly this place was petrified. 1917, to visit King KhaiDinhDau, amazed at the beauty of the Creator elves, he has carved an inscription plate with a celebration of the beauty of Halong water garden and wood top. Currently, the stone tablet is still on the right side of the line.

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