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Quick and Smart Tips That Fixes For Your Kitchen

by swethar

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Kitchen can be one of the dirtiest corners of the house - oil and shoot from cooking cling onto the corners of the walls, refrigerator and microwave get foul smell from cooked food, and ovens get greasy from cooking turkey etc. However, maintaining cleanliness in your kitchen is most important since it can affect the health of the household members. 

Cleaning kitchen can be a daunting task since you’d need to fight with stubborn grim and grease. But using our quick fix solutions you’ll be able to circumvent most of the hard work. Check out our smart kitchen cleaning tips.

  • Microwaves get smelly from continuously warming and cooking food in it. This smell can be stubborn and can also mix with the food cooked. To remove the smell from microwave mix two tea spoon of lemon juice with water and place it in a bowl in the microwave. Turn the appliance on and let the water reach boiling point. Once that’s done wipe off the microwave with a clean and dry dish cloth.
  • To remove spots created by spilled food on your wooden floor prepare a solution of cleansing vinegar with warm water and wipe the floor off using a microfiber mop. Repeat the process till the spot fades.
  • Sometimes burnt food particles clung onto the rack of the oven can be difficult to clean. To remove burnt food residue from your oven sprinkle it with baking soda and then sprinkle water when the oven is cool. Allow it to sit overnight and on the next day wipe it down using dish brushes.
  • You must clean the dishwasher after every use. Using a piece of raw potato is quite common. Rub the dishwasher down to remove any washing residue. Once the large particles are removed run the empty dishwasher to remove the tiny particles as well.  Leave the dishwasher open in the sunlight to dry naturally. It will prevent it from rust and keep it functioning for long.
  • Sometimes when spilled food isn’t cleared immediately dry up and get stuck to the surface. These dried food spills can make your life worse as they refuse to budge. To remove dried food spills rub the surface with dry dish cloth. This will help scraping the excess away. Later, wipe the surface with a wet kitchen towel.
  • Refrigerators can get smelly from storing food for long. The odour can be difficult to deal with. Give a thorough wipe down to the refrigerator with a dry kitchen towel. Then put half a lemon wedge in it. The lemon wedge will act as a deodorizer for the refrigerator.
  • Time to time clean and reorganize kitchen cabinet. Throw away expired food items and restock with fresh items.

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