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Practical Guide to Water Damage San Francisco

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San Francisco needs no introduction. It is a big city with great skyline, ultra-modern amenities, eclectic architecture and cable cars. It is not only a popular tourist destination but also a cultural and financial center. It is no wonder that people are attracted to this beautiful city to visit and to make their residence.

If you plan to stay in San Francisco, you will experience dry summers and mild winters. It does not mean though that there is nothing to worry anymore. In every city, there are challenges that every homeowner needs to overcome. Unfortunately, Occasionally, you may need to deal with a water damage in San Francisco.

The thing with water problem, it is not only caused by heavy rains or severe weather conditions, maintenance neglect plays a significant part in it too. If you are not aware of the signs to look for, you can easily miss those ceiling and wall stains, some of the most common indicators of water problem.

There are rooms that are prone to moisture like kitchen, bathroom and basement. What you can do about it is to add ventilation or install dehumidifiers. Keeping the whole house clean and dry can help as well. Regular inspection is beneficial too because budding problems can be fixed as soon as possible and prevent it from aggravating to more serious situations.

Although in some instances, water damage in San Francisco cannot be prevented. Still, as soon as seeing the signs or discovering about water intrusion, knowing what to do can lessen permanent damage aside from giving undue stress.

Water damage need not be overwhelming. Don’t panic even when your home is already submerged in water. Give an assessment of your situation and get instructions on how to contact professionals to help you with your predicament.

You can then prioritize your family’s safety by evacuating them as soon as possible. When there’s heavy flooding, there is also a possibility of sewage contamination, so never wade in the water. If you must, wear protective gear, preferably rubber boots, rubber gloves, mask or respirator and appropriate clothing. Discard the clothes that you wore after using them and avoid mixing them with other items of clothing to prevent transfer of dangerous organic matters.

Removing standing water is not as simple as it seems when it has been in the premises for at least 48 hours. Professional water damage crew will assess the situation as a whole, on proper way of draining the flood without affecting the structural integrity of your home, especially when there is still outside flooding.

After the water has been drained from the affected area, cleaning, disinfecting and decontaminating will be done. Restoration can start onsite right away. However, some items might need a more sophisticated way of restoration so these will be wrapped properly and sent to an outside facility. When your home has been flooded for more than 48 hours, you must also contact mold specialists to check and find buildup within the affected area. This too, must be done by professionals because there are certain chemicals that become toxic when mixed so don’t attempt to clean mold buildup by yourself especially when you don’t have knowledge in cleaning agents and decontaminants.


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