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Los Angeles Document Scanning Services Preserving History

by rubybadcoe

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In 2008, Google initiated a massive digitization project aimed at uploading old periodicals, as in early 20th century old, to preserve their content. The project produced around three million electronic copies of newspapers such as the London Advertiser and the Milwaukee Sentinel. Sadly, Google pulled the plug on the project three years later as publishers became more interested in selling the old content.

The archives can still be accessed, but don't expect the collection to grow anytime soon. However, the project did leave a silver lining, in that it showed how document scanning can be an important tool in preserving pieces of history prone to gradual deterioration. In fact, the earliest periodical in the archive is a copy of the Halifax Gazette dated March 23, 1752. Document scanning services in Los Angeles can learn a thing or two from what Google did.

Paper obviously doesn't last as long as electronic files, and newsprint actually lasts shorter than paper. As newsprint didn't come to newspapers until 1844, earlier newspapers such as the Halifax Gazette used an early formula for making paper. Nevertheless, the Gazette's first issue wasn't spared from natural degradation, with the paper having turned brown over the century.

However, thanks to document scanning, technology was able to save the early copies from losing their content for good. Aside from Google, the Massachusetts Historical Society managed to create e-copies of the said newspaper with the text still readable. There's a lot of value in a simple article like a casualty of small pox at the time, especially if it's printed on the first issue.

It won't take long before the hard copy breaks down into unrecognizable fragments and, with it, events in history. It won't matter whether you're working for a historical organization or a business; documents that made their mark deserve to be preserved. Los Angeles document scanning services are capable of doing just that, allowing you to worry less about losing old but substantial paper files.

Know more about Google's newspaper digitization project at and learn how scanning can preserve history. For more information on the Gazette's first issue, you can go to the Nova Scotia official website at

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