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The stylish way to wear furry animal hats

by anonymous

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It had been around for hundreds of years but went underground for some reason. Now it’s back again and it’s catching on like a bush fire. It’s being worn by young and old alike, even though it’s believed to be meant for kids and not grownups. It’s cool and trendy, yet some people feel very differently about it. We are talking about the furry animal hood, also called an animal hat. In case you are not yet sure about what these are, furry animal hats are the headgear made from materials that resemble real animal hides including the color of the animal. They are worn as hats but have long ‘arms’ hanging downwards on either side. Sometimes these arms end in paws if the animal hat is that of a pawed animal like a cheetah. Some animal hats have ears.


Animal hats are cool and young and old people alike can wear them. Many critics have said that grownups shouldn’t wear animal hats because they look childish but people seem to be ignoring these opinions. If you are going to defy fashion commentators and keep donning your furry animal hats then please do so with style so that you’ll always look nice, keep from offending other people’s sensibilities, and ensure that critics don’t have something nasty to talk about.


Common sense tells you that certain places are out of bounds for animal hats and similar casual attire. Such places include church, particularly when serious ceremonies are taking place, school if your teachers are sticklers in attire, funerals, official functions and important gatherings. This may look like a lot of places that you can’t wear your animal hats in but no worry - you are free to wear them at informal parties, when you go shopping, at home, when you are strolling around, and in so many other places.


Animal hats look smart but kindly stick to wearing one hat at a time. Wearing two or more furry animal hats is outrageous. You will look like a strange wild animal and might even scare a few people. Combining animal hats simply doesn't work. As such, just pick one for the day or evening and run with it.


If you own several furry animal hats take some time to select the one hat that goes hand in hand with the clothes you are wearing at the time. Some people mismatch their animal hats and their clothes and end up looking rather bad. Matching furry animal hats with the right clothes makes these headgear look even more stylish. If you observe these very simple tips then everyone you meet will admire your animal hat and perhaps even want to own one.

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