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Houston Recycling Center Offers Creative Solutions For Waste

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One of the many houston recycling centerlocated in the southern side of the city performs the noble task of innovative waste management to keep the city green and clean for future generations.

The process of changing existing materials or waste into something new at a recycling center to prevent waste accumulation and reduce fresh consumption is recycling. The purpose is to reduce using energy, air and water pollution and the need for waste disposal the conventional way. The method is accepted worldwide as it benefits mankind by reducing waste from the face of the earth and conserves energy and resources for future generations. There are many approved International Standards (ISO) for recycling and waste management. The strictest process of recycling should create a fresh set of materials at the recycling centerto replace the used ones.  For example paper is recycled into paper used for other purposes.


There are many facts related to recycling materials that are unknown and strange.  It is difficult to believe that on an average a person generates 1.5 tons waste and 4 pounds trash every day.  Among them about 75% wastes can be recycled but human efforts are used only to reuse 30%. Hence the balance 40% is a waste of waste. If 21.5 million tons food waste generated each year is sent to recycling center and composted it would prevent greenhouse effect from 2 million cars that run on the road.


To list everything that is recyclable is endless. To name a few would include paper, textiles, wood,  glass, metals, electronic  gadgets, cars, batteries, cell phones etc are sent to respective recycling centerfor reviving or reforming them into something different. Some of these items are recycled for reuse in original form while some are transformed into something else. Office shredded paper and documents are recycled into newsprint and other paper bags etc. Car bodies are scrapped and melted into metal that are cleaned and re used for manufacturing something totally different. While other auto parts that are in good condition are reused as they are sold in open market at cheaper price to replace other auto parts.

Individual Effort

Recycling methods vary depending on the product being recycled. Each has a unique technique that is applied at recycling center to recreate something new from the waste materials. But at micro level each individual can make an effort to recycle materials begin at home. One can buy recycled paper and print both sides to prevent wastage. E-waste is a serious issue these days. It is said that Americans alone contribute by throwing 2 million tons of electronic waste which can be avoided by reusing old technology. In Houstonefforts are being made to provide easy access to recycling bins at offices, commercial places and near residences people become conscious about recycling items of daily use. Ink and toner cartridges are refilled and hence recycled.

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