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Some Information About Female Genital Warts

by arlenberte

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According to a medical report, the number of men and women facing the problem of genital warts is increasing year after year. The problem with this infection is that they are highly contagious, embarrassing and frustrating. They will create a great impact on the sexual life of people thereby affecting their confidence level with the opposite sex. Even though, this problem in men can be identified easily, it is harder for women to identify the problem.

This particular STD spreads through sexual intercourse and even through uncleaned hands that had touched the infected area previously. In women, it is known to be caused by human papilloma virus shortly called as HPV. When it comes to genital warts treatment, the fact is that currently there is no long-term treatment for this condition.

People believe that it will affect only the vaginal area in women and penis in men, but the fact is that they can move down to the anus or even up to the cervix as well. When it comes to symptoms for this condition, if there is pain during intercourse or bleeding problem and burning or itching sensation, it would be wise to consult your health care provider. The earlier the problem is detected, the symptoms can be addressed and the chances of outbreak can be reduced. It is better to avoid sexual contact until tested.

There is a good news and a bad news as well. The good news is that when it comes to genital warts treatment, there are different homeopathic medicines, creams and even surgical methods for addressing the problem. However, when taking treatments, it is highly important to follow medical instructions for reducing the chances of occurrence. The bad news is that it cannot be completely cured. Even when an individual is successful in the treatment, his/her body will carry the virus unless and until the immune system gets the ability to fight the disease. Even this condition, if untreated might lead to cervical cancer in women and those who has got treatment for this condition are advised to undergo pap smear test regularly once in six months.

There is another problem called as genital herpes and this is different from warts. When talking about genital herpes symptoms in women, they will have rashes in the genital area and they will also experience a burning sensation while urinating.

It is better to consult the gyno when the above-mentioned genital herpes symptoms are found and it can be rightly treated. provides the best information on various types of sexually transmitted diseases (STD's) like genital warts treatment and ways of prevention for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. If you want to know more information about genital herpes symptoms, visit us.

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