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Unable To Penetrate Her Vagina As My Erections

by lucasnaruka

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Unable to penetrate her vagina is quite a common problem with many males and one of the reasons for that is she might not be ready when you are trying to penetrate or may be her hole is much smaller than the usual. Well no matter what the problem would be, but you could always come out of such situation pretty easily by just adopting few herbal remedies. Though it may be a serious problem appears like to be, but more or less also concerned with your mental health. Most of the people complaints such problem because they had the fear of doing it or perhaps first time they would be doing and have very less mental morale. Though, you need to find the real zest of the problem with a good consultant and start acting on it before it gets too late. If you are unable to penetrate her vagina then you must consider few things as mentioned below:

Now simply you need to look at your erections. Do you think that your erections are not harder as they must be as you are unable to penetrate her vagina? If this would be the case then you need to first take a course for that in order to get the solution to your problem. Erection normally starts when you would foreplay at her vagina and you must wait for few seconds till your erection gets harder. Only once you feel that you are at the optimum level of your erection then you should try to penetrate and enter your organ in her vagina. Some time you would feel difficult because of self generated fluid secretion in the vagina. In that circumstances you need to use an external lubrication or liquid to provide secretion in the vagina.

One of the best ways to get your erections last longer is to use the herbal oil and other herbal remedies, so to have more pleasure in the sex. Herbal remedy is often recommended for such cases because it is always better than the expensive allopathic treatments that also have many side effects. The Mast Mood oil is very beneficial to get out of you from such situation. This oil contains real herb extracts which are responsible to stimuli your muscle tissue in the private organ and get the erections last for longer period. Rubbing your organ with the oil for few minutes and then leave the oil for absorption is a way you can use the oil.

You can also start taking the sexual enhancement pills such as like the Bluze capsules. They are the real herbal pills that can boost your sex power and prevent you from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation which are one of the reasons for loose erections. Bluze capsules also increase your stamina and metabolism that makes you to enjoy sex for the longer duration and make pleasure to your partner as well. The dosage and consumption of such pills depends on person to person. You can use Bluze capsules along with gentle application of Mast Mood oil on your male organ for complete satisfaction.

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