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Android Tips: Add Facebook picture to a contact and checking

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Being an Android user it is not necessary that you are familiar with all the functionalities there might be few things that you are still not aware of fully and need to get your hands on. For example when you are looking to add pictures of your Facebook pals to your Android contacts it might seem a bit complicated. Another thing is checking Outlook on your Android is one of the things you still need to get a hang of.  Therefore, here are some tips that you can apply to make it easier for you to use these services on your Android enabled Smartphone.

How to add Facebook picture to a contact?

Adding pictures of your pals that you have in your Facebook to the contact list that you have saved on your Android device is something interesting. Another way of looking at it is the convenience it serves you when it comes to recognizing who is contacting you. The time when someone specific calls you it will be easier for you to know who it is, the picture of the contact flashing on your mobile screen the moment you receive a call.

If you look at your contact list carefully, you might be able to make out that wherever the picture of a contact is not added you will see a silhouette.

Add custom photos from Facebook to your address book so you can easily see who is contacting you. Another thing is if you are busy with some other work and someone calls, you can immediately glance and decide to receive or disconnect the call. However, you must remember that applying this method may consume a bit of your precious time but it is worth it in the end. Apply the following steps to initiate the process of adding pictures:

  • Go to the Facebook App via Android phone if you do not have Facebook installed then download the app on your phone
  • Navigate to reach the pictures of your specific friend
  • Look for the picture that you want to assign to their contact number
  • Press Menu and Tap Set as option
  • A pop up will appear from where you need to choose Contact Photo
  • Look up the contact in relation to the picture in your phonebook
  • A crop picture handle will appear to enable cropping picture
  • Make desired adjustment with the crop tool so that you can include the best picture size
  • Tap done to confirm the selection final

After applying the above given steps you will be able to see the picture of the person whenever you receive the call from that specific contact. This will help you distinguish a caller immediately and know in one glance who is calling. Let us now find out how to access Outlook e-mails on your Android powered Smartphone.

How to access Outlook on Android?

You have an Android enabled Smartphone so it makes sense if you utilize it for various purposes including checking e-mails. If you are more concerned about the messages that you are receiving on your Outlook then you need to find a way to access those e-mails. Additionally if you are in a habit of using Outlook as a primary e-mail client then it becomes more important for you to access it. Let us learn two simple ways through which you can access your Outlook e-mails on your Android phone.

  • Open link in your Android browser
  • Log into the account
  • You will be directed to the mobile version of Outlook inbox and e-mails will start loading

However you must remember one thing that the speed at which the website loads vary upon the RAM of your Android phone. Therefore, there is another way of accessing your Outlook e-mails. You can access your Outlook via Hotmail App. This app is not only useful for hotmail but also for logging into your Outlook account. All you need to do is enter your Outlook ID during the setup process; at this time you can also add multiple account ids to gain access to them later on. This way you can access any given account at your own convenience.

Following the above tips, you will be easily able to get through with adding Facebook pictures to your contact list and checking Outlook e-mails in your Android phone.


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