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Tips for first-time visitors and tourists renting Paris apar

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Traveling to a foreign country can be very difficult even for tourists who are well-traveled. Touring large cities like Paris can be very challenging, despite the fact that Paris consistently ranks as among the most visited metropolis in the world. Tourists who are visiting Paris for the first time are advised to prepare for their trip to the city. Aside from renting Paris apartment rentals, tourists should also familiarize themselves with the city by studying a map and paying attention to key areas or districts of the city. Tourists who want to save on their travel expenses not only can do so by staying in Paris apartments for rent, but also learning how to use the public transportation.  It would also help tourists if they learn some key French phrases.

First-time tourists in Paris should have a map in hand when they are going around the city. Paris is such a big city and this can be very confusing to tourists. For tourists who are tech-savvy, having a GPS map service on their mobile phones will do. Tourists must familiarize themselves with the more prominent places in Paris like the Eiffel Tower and the central business district. This way, they can have a better chance of navigating the city.

Travelers who take the train or bus services are sure to save more money. Aside from being expensive, taxis in Paris are also hard to find.  In Paris, tourists have to choose between single or several metro passes depending on the length of their stay and frequency of use. The standard metro tickets are good for one metro, busy or tramway ride within the city. It is best used for those who sparingly use the train service.  The Paris visit pass, on the other hand, provides unlimited travel within the city and the greater Paris region for up to five days. This is best suited for travelers who want to travel extensively around the city and want to be within close proximity to Paris apartment rentals.

It is a must for any first-time Paris visitor to know frequently used French phrases. These include “bonjour” which means good day, “au revoir” which means goodbye,  “s'il vous plait” which means please and “parlez-vous anglais” which means do you speak in English.  These phrases can be used by tourists when saying hi to their neighbors in Paris apartments.

Traveling in Paris is a dream to millions of travelers around the world. When staying in Paris, it is recommended that travelers stay in Paris apartment rentals. Paris apartments for rent are cheaper and provide more privacy to tourists, making them enjoy their Paris vacation. For more information, tourists can visit Paris Address online at


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