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Facts about Escort Massage

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However, there are different implications of the term. Escorts can pose as dates, who simply accompany another (the host) to parties, aids one in everyday life and also provide massage therapies. Most escorts are well-trained in massage and Jacuzzi services. After a long, tiring day, an escort massage can rejuvenate you physically, as well as mentally. However, escorts may also be hired by clients for sexual pleasures.


Escort Massage: Tips on Finding Legal Masseurs

Escort massage can be quite interesting and relaxing during extensive tours. However, to avail the intimate services of a masseur, you must ensure that the escort agency you contact is a legal one. There are illegal escort agencies, hiring the services of which can land you in trouble.


The following are some tips on selecting a reliable escort agency, which can provide you the best services:

  1. Look for an escort agency that provides escorts for complete accompaniment and not for just sexual activities. Such services keep away from prostitution rackets.
  2. Enquire about the range of services offered by the escort. For instance, an escort must preferably provide full body massage, an instant addition to the pleasure aspect of your tour.


Escort Massage: Key Consideration

This kind of massage can be useful only if the escort knows the correct technique of massaging. Applying pressure on the wrong muscles can cause harm instead of providing relief. Hence, you must avoid accepting the services of an inexperienced, untrained masseur. It is imperative that you check the massaging credentials of your escort. Many escorts have a proper training degree and they can double up as therapists. You must ensure that your escort has completed 1000 hours of massage training from nationally certified schools.


Escort Massage: Usefulness

Escort massage is no longer centered on a particular sex. Traditionally, escorts were essentially women and massage was regarded as a female pleasure oriented activity. However, with the rising awareness of good looks among men and the assertion of independence by women, these boundaries have coalesced. Massages not only help in rejuvenation, but also serve medicinal purposes:

  1. It relaxes stressed muscles
  2. Promotes blood circulation
  3. Induces sleep
  4. Rehabilitates injuries


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