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Important Tips Food Safety and Hygiene in the Kitchen

by anonymous

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Importance of food safety and hygiene cannot be overlooked, both go hand in hand. Every year there are millions of people across the world that fall sick due to lack of precautionary measures taken while preparing the meal. As such it should be our top priority to make sure that the food we prepare in the kitchen is safe & free from any germs & last not but the least, delicious to the taste buds. Also it is very well known that 80% of food-borne illness is caused due to lack of hygiene and faucal contamination. Thus proper cleaning of the kitchen and its utensils along with the poop in your food helps you stay happy and healthy.  Here are some important tips for food safety and hygiene in the kitchen:


Manage the Risks Effectively:

All foods carry certain degree of risk, thus the only sure fire way to avoid 100% risk is to eat nothing at all. Overcooking of meat can risk the chances of it getting contaminated whilst a raw salad may be quite dangerous.


Wash Hands Thoroughly:

Frequently washing of your hands while preparing food ensures the meal prepared is hygienic and tasty. Washing hands thoroughly with soap or other liquefied cleanser kills all the germs & makes sure your hands are clean. Dry your hands with paper towels.


Rinsing of Vegetables

Vegetables too carry along with them some danger, just like meat. Many fertilizers, especially the ones coming from organic farm contain faucal matter. To ensure safety of your food and your health, it is always important that you thoroughly rinse your vegetables before using them.


Use Paper Towels Instead of Cloth

Paper rolls acts as one of the most important tools in fighting against the bacteria. It is advisable to makes use of single paper towel to dry your hands every time you get in contact with the contaminated items like door knobs, taps, dustbin lids and such.

A cloth once used, becomes contaminated and hub for the regeneration of bacteria and as such must not be used again.


Never put hot food in the Refrigerator

Putting a hot meal into the fridge speeds up the rate at which bacteria multiply by providing them that perfect temperature.


Sterilize the Sink

Sink is one such place in the kitchen that can be considered to be the hub of bacteria’s. As such it is advisable to sterilize the sink with chlorine solution, to keep it clean and hygienic. 


Keeping in mind the above tips while preparing the food in the kitchen next time, you are nurturing your near and dear ones not only with food that is mouth-watering but also which will keep them in good health.

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