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Ballroom Dance Lesson - Tips for Your Wedding Dance

by ElizabethJ

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The wedding couple leading the first dance can be one of the most romantic highlights for the great event. Most of the couples are choosing professional ballroom dance lesson so that they look their very best when the time comes. Choosing the music for your first dance may turn out to be one of the most difficult things you have to decide.

Not only do you have to agree on the music that you both like, there are many other things that you have to take into consideration as well. You would be better served to choose five or six different songs to start with and take them along to your dance teacher on CD so that you can discuss the merits of each song individually.

Remember the wedding day is a long day for you, your family and the guests and everyone will want it to go smoothly. The less you have to think about on the day better it will be, so plan well in advance. Don’t leave it to the last thing on your list.

Generally the first dance is no more than three minutes long. You will be the centre of attention but nobody will want to watch and dance that goes on for five to six minutes, specially the children. You guests by this time are ready to get the party going. So keep it short and sweet.

So be prepared that your absolute favorite song may turn out to be a non starter because it is too fast or slow, short or long. Put a shortlist together on a CD and take it to your chosen dance teacher. A good and professional expert will help you to learn dance lessons for wedding. At the same time he or she will choose objectively and ask the questions about what you are wearing, how big your dance floor is and the position of tables are you having a band play your music or using CD etc.

Try to listen carefully to the song lyrics, so that it will help you to dance with rhythm. Once you take this into consideration you may find that your original song list will shrink straight away. However, even though you may discount most of the songs on the original list do not discard them until you have confirmed what you are going to use.

Think about the type of dance you want to do. If you are into "rock and roll" or "Ballroom and Latin" and your outfit allows it then go for it! Just remember leave yourselves plenty of time to practice. Before you know it the family will be in town waiting to see you off and ready for a party.

Now most bands will be able to learn your song for you, but bear in mind that using pre-recorded music allows you to edit the song to match your routine. You will also have been practicing to the pre-recorded music and will need to ensure that the band play the song in the same tempo.

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