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Using food items in fundraising for school

by Charleston

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With ever-tightening budgets and unceasing demand for money, many schools don't have an option but to raise money from parents and other members of the community. Many fundraising methods have been devised in schools. One of the methods most commonly used is selling food items to raise money. This is a very popular method of school fundraisingbut some people in the education and health sectors are raising concerns over the appropriateness of selling food to children or asking children to sell it as a way of fundraising in school.


Why do many schools prefer to sell foodstuffsfor fundraising in school? To start with, children love most of the foods sold in fundraisers. School fundraising organizers choose items that are popular with children and to some extent their parents and other adults in the community. You will as such find such items like candies, cakes, chocolates and cookies, things that people with a sweet tooth will not turn down. Hardly anyone will buy things like broccolis and carrots in a school fundraiser and so such are never availed for sale.


It is relatively easy to procure foodstuffs for fundraising for school. Parents readily volunteer to prepare and bring these items to school. Older children can also prepare some of these items. Preparing foodstuffs for school fundraisingsis fun and also provides an opportunity for kids to learn some cooking skills. Schools can nevertheless choose to spare parents and students the trouble and order readymade foods from numerous companies that prepare such. Selling food is a great way of fundraising for school because everyone taking part in the fundraiser can afford to buy something. In addition, since only delicious foods are sold, many people in the community will be willing to buy some.


Issues have been raised concerning this method of fundraising in school. Health professionals have questioned the wisdom in selling what they consider to be unhealthy food to children in the name of raising money for a school. In a country where almost half the population is overweight, where children are fast catching up with adults in weight gain, they don't agree with the idea of selling cakes, chocolates, sweets and similar items to school children. In addition, they are perturbed about the logic in teaching children to eat healthy foods and later asking them to sell unhealthy food to people in order to raise money for their school. In their view, this will only contribute to the growing obesity pandemic in the country. Supporters of this method of fundraisingare however quick to point out that only a few fundraisers are held each year. They also point out that children get the bulk of their food from home anyway and so selling these types of foods in fundraisers will have no significant effect on children's health.


It's possible to substitute unhealthy food with healthy organic alternatives if a school is willing to be innovative. Fundraiser organizers are typically afraid of offering people healthy foods for fear that it won't be bought. Nonetheless, it's worth appreciating that there are plenty of healthy foods that are also delicious. For example, they can offer fruit flavored yoghurts instead of colas and other soft drinks that have a lot of artificial sugars in them. Children will also learn healthy eating habits if their teachers introduce them to healthy, attractive foods sold during a school fundraising.



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