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5 iPad Application Features Developers Should Know About

by anonymous

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There are all kinds of application in the market but iPad app development is not everyone’s game especially when the markets are so demanding. Even the best of players cannot actually tell you what is going to work but nevertheless there are some basic things you can start use building on. Here are we are going to give you 5 features that are common in all successful app and can be tested prior to launch to ensure that everything falls in place, not out of luck but out of expertise.

1. Viral

Leaving aside all the other marketing mediums, word of mouth still remains to be one of the best things. As an iPad app development company this is the first and last thing you will need. Make sure that the app is so viral that users get compelled to share it with friends and finally. It starts a viscous cycle of sharing and before you know it, the app will be a hit. Obviously, it is easier said than done but that is something to start with. We recommend you keep viral nature in mind right from the first step of iPad app development.

2. Addicting Nature

What makes Angry Birds one of the top games of all times? Why is What’s App like the best messaging thing ever? There is obviously something that keeps you coming back for more and that something is called the addicting nature of the app. Although, you cannot really judge it yourself, addiction is somewhere between inability to get everything and still wanting it more. An iPad app development company can hire professionals in for the job while individual developers can test it themselves. However, make sure that the idea if addicting in itself as the first step.

3. Solid Colours

While colourful might be delightful too, it is not actually very in these days. Popular designers suggest iPad app development should be limited to single and dual solid colour formats especially if your app is not about something fun. Although, colours vary from app to app, you can try hiring a professional designer for the job. Developers are usually not good at these things and you can call in the experts if situation says so. However, if budget is really limited, try sticking to something simple and solid in general.

4. Usefulness

Ask yourself a simple question: What does the app has to offer to anyone? Is it targeting any specific age group and will they benefit from it? No matter what you would like to believe, an app has to be useful in every sense more than having any other features. It might be fun to have it for a while but if users think that it doesn’t actually provide anything, your iPad app development is futile. The App Store has plenty of things that do not actually do anything and are just there on the fun factor. You cannot actually count just on that.

5. Feasibility

As an iPad app development company, you are obviously trying to derive something out of the business but the plan may backfire. But ensure that users are getting that much benefit so they get ready to shell some money out. Most companies forget that simply setting a higher price wouldn’t ensure higher revenue. Rather than that, you should aim at more downloads which would also increase revenue gradually but surely. An app business expert can better tell you about how to select the app price without upsetting the targeted customers or your profits. A little market study on pricing of the competitor apps may also help.

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