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Dining in Sydney – Sydney theatre and catering in Sydney

by ElPhoenician

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Sydney offers a wide variety of cuisines set in just about every kind of atmosphere.  The restaurants range from casual and family dining to high end fine dining.  There are restaurants that book parties and some that cater your party at other locations.  No matter what kind of dining in Sydney you are looking for, you are sure to have a wonderful experience.

There are cuisines from all over the world in Sydney.  Many restaurants give you an authentic atmosphere to enhance your dining in Sydney experience.  Others have a very crisp, organized atmosphere.  Regardless of the atmosphere, the food will speak for itself.  With so many ethnic options to choose from, your palate will be delighted.

Planning a night out can be fun and exciting.  You may want to consider choosing some entertainment to go with your night out.  You should try to find a Sydney theatre that is near the restaurant where you are dining.  Dining close to the theatre will help you make sure you are on time so you do not miss any of the show.

There are even a few restaurants that offer a theatre show right in the restaurant.  This eliminates the need to locate two separate places for your evening out.  Sydney theatre is always a wonderful experience.  If you are able to pair it with excellent food all under the same roof, you will really have a fabulous time.

Many places also book space for parties or other events.  Booking your event at a Sydney theatre within a restaurant is a fantastic option.  It truly minimizes your planning efforts.  It takes care of the cuisine planning, as well as the entertainment planning, with almost no effort.  Your guests will be talking about your event for a long time.

What if you are planning an event but are thinking of having it someplace other than your favorite restaurant?  You can contact them about offering catering in Sydney.  When you book a restaurant to cater your event, they will take care of all the food prep work for you.  All you have to do is choose the menu.

Most places that offer catering in Sydney also bring everything they need for the food setup area.  They bring all the serving materials, table cloths, and displays.  They will come to your event early and set everything needed for the food station up.  Then after the event, they will tear down the food station and clean up their entire area.

It is wonderful to not have to worry about setting up and tearing down the food station at your event.  After all, you have enough to worry about.  The less you have to do when it comes to your event the better.  Coordinating the entertainment and catering in Sydney keeps everything running smoothly with very little work.

Sydney is just such a wonderful place to be for dining and entertainment.  Whether you are dining in Sydney or having your even catered by one of the fabulous restaurants, you will surely be thrilled with the delicious cuisine and all the entertainment that Sydney has to offer.

About Us: El Phonecian Restaurant in Sydney has been owned by the El-Bayeh family for over 20 years.  They specialize in exotic Middle Eastern cuisine.  There are two fabulous locations to serve you: El Phonecian Parramatta and El Phonecian The Rocks.  Visit us online to at to view our delicious menu, obtain the address to our restaurants, or to book our restaurant for your special event.


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