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Qualities of a Dependable Home Ultrasound Machine

by homeultrasound

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The market for home ultrasound equipment is saturated with different brands of machines, which all claim to be the best, the most dependable, and the most reliable of all. How can you ensure that the home ultrasound machine you select will indeed prove to be the best choice for you? Look for the following elements, as listed below.

Portability of equipment
The ultrasound machine you pick should be lightweight and portable. This will allow for easy transportation of the equipment. Portability is extremely important, as you do not want to be burdened with a bulky and heavy machine, especially if you need to bring it with you someplace else.

Various modes and settings of power
Another important quality to look for in a home ultrasound machine is the variation in its power modes. It should have a low, a medium, and a high setting so that it can be used to treat any type of chronic pain condition. is a great place for you to find ultrasound equipment that comes with these power mode variations.

Certifications from various organizations
Look for a home ultrasound unit that is certified by various organizations. Some of these include the USA/FDA/GMP, ISO 9001, USA/FDA 510K Listed and CE MARK/MDD. It is important for an ultrasound machine to have these certifications. If the machine you are looking at does not include any of these certifications, consider purchasing another machine.

Highly recommended by past and existing users
A dependable and reputable ultrasound machine for home use is one that has garnered high recommendations from past and existing users. Take the time to complete online research for reviews about companies that offer highly recommended ultrasound machines. Again, a great place for you to start looking for such units is

Warranties and money back guarantees
Warranties and money back guarantees are also two very important qualities that make up a reliable ultrasound unit for home use. Ultrasound equipment that comes with both a warranty and a money back guarantee simply means that the manufacturer is extremely confident with their products, so you can also be sure the unit you have is very dependable and durable.

The warranty of the equipment should be a minimum of one year. However, you may also want to consider an ultrasound unit that comes with the US1000 warranty, which lasts for five years. The money back guarantee, on the other hand, is extremely important, as you will want to test out the product to ensure it is effective. 

To ensure that the machine you purchase is indeed dependable and comes from a reputable manufacturer, choose a machine from the selection available at Choosing EZUltrasound as the provider of your home ultrasound machine for home and personal use will ensure that you receive the best possible therapy for pain and other chronic condition management. Visit

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