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Examining the Advantages of Using Medical Gases

by maisiehood

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Medical gases are routinely utilized in all hospitals and health care facilities. Their use is aided by specific piping designated for each gas. Each has its certain purpose which cannot be interchanged therefore pipelines are color coded to stop wrong and even lethal use.

Specific medical gases are administered for breathing, anesthesia, analgesia, oxygen therapy and respiratory support or stimulation. Among the typical gases included in the United States Pharmacopeia / National Formulary are oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, nitric oxide, and helium. There are likewise medical test gas blends for lung function examinations and blood gas analyses.


Oxygen enlivens all of a person’s body organs and allows them to do their function; it's the most vital of all gases. It is given to a patient who suffers from hypoxia, a condition when the oxygen concentration plummets below the degree that can support life in the whole body or sections of it. Oxygen also helps resuscitate those gravely ill when their blood flow has been impaired. It is a therapeutic aid to carbon monoxide poisoning, hyperpyrexia, extreme hemorrhage and various other significant medical conditions.

Carbon Dioxide

This compound gas helps quickly enhance the depth of anesthesia application. It can aid in neurosurgical operations and to enhance the cerebral blood circulation in individuals with arteriosclerosis (or expanded and obstructed artery walls) during an open cardiac surgery. In endoscopic treatments, it is made use of for insufflations or to inject air into stomach cavities and fallopian tubes.

Nitrous Oxide

Generally called "laughing gas", this compound may cause a level of hysteria in clients in moderate amounts. This is why your doctor or dental professional will highly advise that you do not drive after a treatment where you have actually been offered nitrous oxide. It is additionally generally made use of as an insufflating agent in laparoscopy, and as analgesic for tooth extraction.

Medical and industrial gas service companies can test, license, preserve and service gas systems for safety and purity. They can likewise update and recommend new innovations for your system. To learn more on medical gases, see

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