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Get rid of Hot tub rash: The Natural Chemical free Solution.

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Hot tub Rash is an allergic reaction to the chemical substances used to treat hot tub water spas which is very easily avoidable. Natural Hot tub chemicals such as Chlorine as well as bromine can make skin red, dry, itchy which is extremely uncomfortable. Our natural hot tub maintenance products help to make your hot tub water soft, safe and comfortable and not just be a worrisome chemical hassle. The Natural Solution, a chemical free hot tub product get rid of unwanted and harmful contaminants and conditions your hot tub water to provide you with mountain-fresh spring water quality without the worry of exposure to hot tub chlorine or bromine, which happen to be toxins. With hot tub chemicals, it is advisable to keep a check on the pH balance and the alkalinity of the hot tub water.

The Natural Hot Tub treatment solutions are a guaranteed treatment to prevent hot tub rash; you can actually make a visit to our website and take a look at what our existing hot tub owners are saying about us @ These consumers were once in a dilemmaabout hot tub rash, found an effective way to take pleasure in their hot tub with our Natural Hot Tub Solution. After using your hot tub you certainly will feel fresh and clean, not dry and smelly, your skin will be soft and silky smooth after each and every use. Lots of our existing customers with skin problems such as eczema and athletes’ foot are happy with our chemical free hot tub treatment. The hot tub chlorine or bromine in releases a fume, that hard to breathe in, particularly for people who have sinus and breathing problems.

The Natural Hot Tub products are your source for clean, healthy, chemical free hot tub. Our all natural enzymes hot tub products are healthy alternatives to the natural hot tub chemicals commonly available in the market for cleaning and maintenance. Our Chemical free hot tub systems, however, are safe even for the most sensitive skin. This is safe for the kids as well and parents simply love this. The Natural Solution attracts oils and other contaminants, and then dissolves them away, eliminating them without having to use harsh hot tub chemicals. The Natural Solution softens your water always keeping minerals up along the water line eliminating the equivalent of "bathtub ring". Your hot tub water will be safer for you and feel better too!


My name is Alex Lie Taggart and I'm a distributor for  The Natural Solution for Hot Tubs, Rainbow Rocks, and SeaKlear products. For more information about hot tub chemicals please visit

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