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Four Ways to Streamline Your LA Data Recovery Strategy

by rubybadcoe

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A company's storage needs eventually has to evolve as the business grows. Even the smallest gains in data storage and recovery efficiencies can yield significant savings, both in time and money. Your LA data recovery service provider may be serving you well, but in the business world, there's always room for improvement. Here are four ways to refine your data recovery strategy:

Discover the best methods of backup

Use all the tools available to you to craft the ultimate backup scenario. The ideal solution is usually a healthy mix of tape, disk, and cloud backup storage. High-value information should be saved on disk and cloud, since these devices provide the quickest recovery. Less critical data can do just fine with daily or even weekly tape backups.

Centralize your backups

If your company has segregated data storage and recovery operations into multiple locations, look to consolidate primary backups to one or two sites. By doing so, you can minimize or even eliminate some of the expenditures that go into the maintenance of the staff and equipment of the different locations. You can also reduce the hours your in-house staff needs to manage those multi-site processes.

Update your policies

Reassess your data recovery policies to ensure they continue to align with your business goals. Ensure that the data you're backing up is compatible with the media and software you're using to store it. Schedule data recovery training for you and your employees to instill in them what their roles are should a disaster occur. Consult with an LA data recovery expert to learn about new developments in the industry and how to implement them effectively.


Data recovery should be tested as needed, so it's not enough that your employees know what to do; they have to practice it. Regular practice helps keep the plan fresh in everyone's minds. It also takes into account any new staff that may have not been involved in the development of the previous plans.

With careful planning and a smart approach, you can implement a data storage and recovery solution that will cut costs and better protect your company. Remember that you have to work closely with your data storage provider on this, so constant interaction is a must. Learn the value of a disaster recovery plan from

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