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Understand Aging Issues to Curb Them

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Aging brings countless serious problems and if these problems are not addressed at appropriate time then they might turn into big troubles. During old age not only physical changes are observable but lot many social and psychological changes are also noticeable. When people reach at this particular stage of their life then they start feeling isolated due to which they face several physical as well as psychological disorders. Researchers have disclosed that there are various internal and external factors determining the age of an individual, which is entirely different from the chronological age. If a person stays happy, carefree and relaxed then he remains less affected by a variety of problems. Even in that case he leads to a healthy life, both physically and mentally.

When we talk about old age diseases then the most common ones that come to our mind are: arthritis, depression, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, digestive disorders, hyper tension, fatigue, insomnia, etc. These problems are very much prevalent among elderly at the present time. Only few, who take care of their health, remain unaffected from such problems. But the population of such elderly is too less because there are many who are clutched with all such issues. If we look carefully then we get to know the fact that these issues generally crop up when elderly people are sidelined from the society. Elderly people are neglected due to various reasons and these reasons have brought forward the concept of old age homes.

Old age homes are meant for care for elderly people and they take proper care of them. They provide them required social as well as financial support. These organizations offer basic facilities to senior citizens and ensure a healthy and good social life. In recent days many welfare organizations are working for aged. They are running several welfare projects to eradicate the problems faced by them. HiSave, a welfare initiative by HiSave India, also does the same. This initiative works in a different way, it supports elderly but along with that it focuses on addressing school going children about aging issues, so that an age friendly society can be created. This organization runs projects among various schools to inculcate values of respect, love and care for elderly among school children. SAVE, i.e. Student Action for Value Education program is aimed to make children aware about problems associated with old age, so that they can give respect to their elderly.

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