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A Treasure-Trove of Items That Can Do More

by anonymous

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That’s more like Ben’s voice. It’s obvious that something bad happens and when he bolts out of the stock room, he is holding his left middle finger that he has covered in tissue while blood continues to drop. Amidst the painful experience, his facial expression reveals the opposite: He is smiling, and then he blurts out laughing, saying to nobody in particular: “I’m such a clumsy little devil who tries to remove staples using my delicate fingernails that are not used to getting hurt.” 


As he intentionally hides the pain behind his obviously-shaking smile, we unequivocally give our verdict, in a snap: “Yes, you’re right!” And this I add: “Pardon me for saying that you’re also st***d, Ben. Because you know for a fact how obsessed we are with Euroffice Office Stationery that we’re close to buying all the items in their website, from paper clips, to rubber bands, to magnifying glass, to sticky tapes. And I’m sure there’s even a staple remover wallowing somewhere inside your drawers.” 


That’s okay, Ben. We need to learn simple lessons even the hard way, and sometimes, with blood. But what I don’t understand with some people is their insistence to forget (or ignore) the minute things needed in doing their day-to-day jobs, especially in the office. I often hear people (including some of my coworkers) say that they use this and that to do this and that, even if the thing they used is not really for this and that. Did you get that? Kidding aside, the reason why offices have their stocks of office supplies is because these items are proved to be helpful in making the job and even our lives in general easier and less complicated, no matter how simple or enormous the task is.  


Each item in the Euroffice Office Stationery makes a big difference if you’ll just use it to its full potential. You can use a bookmark to remind you of the particular part of the voluminous sales report where you pause for a while to answer a phone call. That same piece of hard paper can also be used in drawing straight lines, just like a ruler. Speaking of ruler, aside from aiding you to make straight lines on your drawing board or paper, you can definitely use it as a part-time scratcher when your back turns itchy. I know of people who use the ruler when cutting paper as well.


When it comes to cutting, the scissors is the right authority. Yet, scissors can also be used as paper stopper. Although it’s not tolerated, a scissors designed for cutting paper can, almost always, cut other materials like cloth, plastic, rubber, and of course, hair (this happens when a lady employee suddenly notices that her bangs had grown longer, and she wants to trim it right away).


Paper clips are best in use when they keep paper files together temporarily which need to be detached and separated later on. These clips can also be used in putting thin wires together so they won’t get entangled with one another; others use them in unlocking drawer and cabinet keys, including locked door knobs (this part entails training to do it successfully with consistency). Since these clips are given varied colours and designs, they can make for good design embellishments for artworks and crafts. Magnifying glasses, as we all know, are used in both everyday and scientific observations having the unique ability to magnify things or make small things appear bigger. We’ve been seeing this item being used to produce fire time and again.


Let’s talk about drawing pins, and we will end up with some of its uses: keeping papers attached to cork and bulletin boards, pinning the image of the cupid on the wall come Valentine’s Day, substituting for dressmaker’s pins in helping our mothers get the exact measurement of the fabric from the paper model of the dress she’s sewing. Zeroing in sticky notes, we can easily say that they’re used for writing down important messages (such as “Thanks a lot for the big help!”) and notes (like “Call Mr. Gibbs early tomorrow”) to be stuck to the most prominent place in the cubicle or office desk corner (and in almost all surfaces). Having been given other colours except for the usual yellow, these ubiquitous pieces of square paper can substitute as designs for artworks and crafts.


Euroffice Office Stationery Never Run Out of Good Items


Ah, there are more office items I can enumerate but my refillable pen seems to be asking for a break. As I check it, I see that its ink is on its last few drops already; a few more writing strokes and I need to open the ink jar again to refill it. But I have this idea I’ve been dying to try one day (perhaps now is the right time): I’m going to refill my pen with the ink stamp inks. Will it work? That’s worth finding out, right? Whatever the result may be, I’ll be glad let you know.


You see, people are encouraged to be creative at work and that includes having to use certain things in performing jobs and endeavours which are not included in its To-Do lists. But with Ben, using his fingers in detaching staple wires, is just pure crazy. Well, the end, this time, doesn’t justify the means. But at least, he learns something from the experience. 


It’s comforting to know that Euroffice Office Stationery are teeming with everyday office (and school) items which are made by known manufacturers that have high regard for quality (such as Rexel5 Star, Rapesco, Scotch, and of course, Euroffice). As if giving us top-quality office supplies is not enough, they even make them affordable and cost-efficient. Buying the items in bulk, other than in pieces, is the best deal there is because discounts can be availed as easy as dispensing a bubble gum in its jar.


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