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A Brief History of Head Torches

by Expertsmindedu

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From mining to medicine, head torches are one of the most general sense inventions in the history of modern technology. Ever since man acquired the ability to control illumination, the development of the head torch was only a matter of time.

In the 1900s, these head torches gradually became popular for other uses besides providing light for miners. The ability to angle light where it was required by simply pointing one's head made these hands-free head torches invaluable in surgery and dentistry. Auto mechanics, plumbers, cave explorers, campers and rescue workers also benefited from this practical device, which increased efficiency and decreased accidents and injuries.

For several years, these head torches needed a separate battery pack in which was heavy and had to be carried on one's back. In the year of 1973, climbing and caving enthusiast Fernand Petzl developed a ground-breaking head torch design which was lighter and more compact than other models that existed at that time. On the other words of being a separate device in which had to be attached to a hat or helmet, the illuminating elements was permanently attached to an elastic strap to be worn around one's head. The batteries were now incorporated in the head unit itself, eliminating the required for awkward bulky batteries, wires and special backpacks.

In the year of 1980s, halogen bulbs became popular for use in head torches. With a longer life span than regular incandescent bulbs and also a much brighter light emittance, halogen light bulbs were fatly incorporated in head torches. Unfortunately, halogen bulbs are more costly and they also drain batteries much more quickly than other types of bulbs. They also burn very hot, requiring special mounting so which fires and burns are prevented. Additionally, halogen bulbs are so bright that they cannot be looked at in a straight line without risk of eye damage, so a few sort of shading apparatus is also essential. Although these drawbacks make halogen head torches inconvenient for many reasons, they are the best choice for situations where illumination at a distance is needed.

LED lighting technology was first used for flashlights in the year of 1999. The fact that LED bulbs were much more compact than other categories of bulbs made them ideal for use in head torches. LED bulbs also generate much brighter and whiter light than the traditional incandescent bulbs, but do not hurt the eyes as halogen bulbs can. LED bulbs also need much less energy to operate, forming the batteries last much longer. Further, LED light bulbs can also last forever. The cost effectiveness, brightness and reliability of LED have made it the most popular and generally used light bulb for head torches today.

Head torches are now available from retailers within a huge range of different styles, functions and prices. There are common use head torches and head torches specifically designed for use in exact industries and activities, emergency rescue, including medicine, mechanics, scuba diving and mountain climbing. Head torches are commonly available from specialty stores and on the Internet.

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