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MEMS Devices in Global Medical Markets

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Bharat Book introduces a report "MEMS Devices in Global Medical Markets" This study measures, forecasts and segments microelectromechanical system (MEMS) devices in the medical market based on products and applications.

Due to a chain of markets included in this report, the markets were assessed in the top down method.

The key products captured in this study are as follows:

Sensors (including pressure, inertial, optical and other sensors).
Drug delivery systems.
Microfluidic and lab-on-a-chip devices (for various applications such as research, diagnostics, point-of-care devices and analytical diagnostics).

The key applications covered in this study include the following:

Research (including high throughput, genomics, proteomics, cellular analysis and others).
In vitro diagnostics (such as molecular, immunology biochemistry and others).
Home healthcare.
Medical devices (diagnosis and patient monitoring; and surgical and medical equipment).


The goal of this study is to assist industry participants in developing business strategies, making key business decisions, and capitalizing on the market positively or developing growth strategies after gaining market insights. Specifically, this study has the following objectives:

To provide a comprehensive analysis of MEMS products and applications in the medical market.
To identify the dynamics of each key market and their relevant business impacts.
To offer an analysis of key market developments.
To provide market forecasting of products and applications.
To highlight key market trends, drivers, restraints and opportunities.
To provide key recommendations.


There has been an increasing demand for and innovation in MEMS devices in the medical industry due to several factors: their increasing applications in healthcare; innovations, revolution and growth in the personal healthcare market, including wireless implants; and an increasing awareness and affordability of healthcare. However, a few constraints, such as high development costs, regulatory challenges, and market needs for cost-effective high-quality products, seem to dampen growth of the market. The aim of this study is to present such issues that are driving and constraining market growth, as well as present probable solutions that can address such concerns. The study also highlights key market needs, such as the demand for products with a very long life cycle. Moreover, the key forecasts provide a quantitative assessment of the market, offering a clear indication of future high growth areas.


The report includes only those products and applications that are mentioned above. The scope of this report includes the following information:

Key market analyses.
Strategic recommendations.
Market dynamics (drivers, restraints and opportunities).
Market estimates for a forecasted period of 2012 through 2017.
Competitive developments and landscapes.
Products under development.
Profiles of key market players.


The key audience for this study includes:

MEMS device developers and manufacturers.
MEMS foundries.
MEMS medical market startup companies.
Academic and commercial research organizations.
Consulting firms.

This study provides the audience with insight on the current and changing market scenarios of MEMS devices including: device and application markets that are expected to grow at higher rates; products that are under development; factors that are driving and limiting growth; and key opportunity areas.


Due to a chain of markets included in this report, the markets were assessed in the top down method. The content provided, including market numbers and forecasts, was prepared based on both primary and secondary research methodologies. Market dynamics, qualitative information and views of industry participants were also taken into consideration while forecasting and measuring the market values.

The same approach of primary and secondary methodologies was adopted for deriving the historic and base numbers. Macro markets were further divided into micro markets based on consultation with views of different industry participants, and the average of the range of estimates gathered from primary research was taken, and later validated from secondary and primary sources. The primary research included interviews and discussions with key industry participants, key opinion leaders and some subject matter experts. Secondary data was collected from free sources such as Google searches, company websites, industry reports and paid sources including Key Note, Factiva and LexisNexis.

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