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The most costly antique jewelry and antique engagement ring

by vernondavid89

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We know that there is nothing best in the entire world than the happiness of women when she gets desired jewelry from fiancé. This weakness on jewelry is not a new thing at all. Jewelry is mainly made up from various types of materials such as gold jewelry or diamond jewelry or platinum jewelry. Jewelry can be made for nearly all the body parts; it may be starts from the hairpins and ends to the toe ring. The word jewelry comes from the French word “joule” and after that from the Latin word “jocale” which means plaything. There are many types of gem stone on the basis of which jewelry can be made, like amber which is an organic gemstone, amethyst, ruby, diamond, sapphire and many others. Platinum is known as the king of the all metals and it is very rare and also costly. The cost of the ring mainly depends upon the variety of factors. Theantique platinum diamond rings is very much expensive. It has been used by people for many of the years and even also today. Most of the celebrities also like platinum diamond rings. The entire diamonds ring looks very much beautiful and gorgeous when it is set in platinum. If we starts to talk about engagement rings then there are various kind of engagement ring among which white gold engagement ring is very popular which is mainly made up with pure gold.

The antique diamond rings are almost loved by all people and very much popular engagement rings. The cost of a diamond ring mainly depends upon the diamond’s size, the carat and obviously on the color. Diamond engagement ring can also be in pink or yellow or in blue color, but these colored diamond engagement rings may be costlier than the ordinary white diamonds. Using of the side stones along with diamond increases the total cost of the antique diamond rings. An engagement ring of round shaped diamonds is very expensive as it is very much difficult to cut the diamond in properly round shape.

The antique engagement rings are very classy and unique one. They show the superiority of the craftsmanship. Most of the women love the beautiful rings which are the mixture of mainly tradition and the history. The typical antique rings for engagements are mainly made of diamond with rose cutting set in the platinum. Most of the antique rings which are very popular type engagement rings are basically made-up of gems and various stones. This type of ring is very beautiful and attractable.

Antique jewelry is that jewelry that crosses at least the age of 100 years. This jewelry mainly used as an ornaments and it is made up of various type of metals like gold or silver or sometimes made up with bronze. In this type of jewelry, hallmarks should be mentioned. And according to the style period of this type of jewelry were the pre- Victorian jewelry style, Victorian jewelry, Art Nouveau jewelry style, Edwardian jewelry style, Art Deco Jewelry style and also the Retro jewelry.

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