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Presenting a Wide Range of Beautiful Blue Amber Stones at DR

by Johndev

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Those who admire precious stones a lot and prefers something unique, presenting to them a whole new range of jewelleries. Totally new and fresh collection all beautifully made of mainly silver and also gold, embedded with a rare stone, named as Amber Stones. The simple and attractive beauty of amber stones especially Blue Ambers are so mind blowing to resist to grab one. But, this auspicious beauty is very rare and can be only found in the mines of Dominican Republic. Along with that the finest of all are at DR Fine Jewells. They are present in the earth at a very scarce quantity and therefore as the resource diminishes the price is going up, making it a good investment for the future. But, the prices has not yet reach the sky like other precious stones and so it seems to be the perfect timing to shop some of them.

Amber stones can be of various colors or sometimes multi colored. The color that is mostly found in the amber stones is blue, but there is a wide collection of green, turquish blue, and red, mixed red-green or red-blue and golden amber stones. Some are as clear as water, some are opaque. The most interesting feature of an amber stone is it is exclusive, every piece of it has its own independent look and beauty that is so fascinating that once you see you can’t just help yourself from getting at least one.

On the basis of their shapes, colors, transparency and looks we divide these amber stones into some classifications or types, namely, brilliant blue, turquish blue, volcanic blue and amber fossils. Among them amber fossils will be something of your immense interest. They represents a frozen time, its a little escape to a thousands of year back from today. Archeologists, biologists and others find it very interesting as many extinct creatures’ great beautifully preserved after getting trapped into this stone.

Now, eventually a question pops out, how the creatures got trapped in it. Well, researches on the origin of Amber Stones are still in progress and scientists say, Amber stones are formed millions of years ago, some kind of tree sap from a specific tree (now extinct) from the rain forests of Dominican Republic is the reason of their birth. They came out of the trees, and solidified gradually and so small insects got trapped in this viscous liquid and got fossilized along with them. Yes, you are absolutely right, this beautiful part of mystery is more interesting than how much it sound after knowing about them and also extremely rare. So, contact us or visit our website and add your own piece of Amber Stone to your shopping cart today.


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